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Looking for a good mogul ski to complement my Volkl Explosivs

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Two months ago I bought a pair of Volkl Explosivs. First of all, let me just say that I love these skis. They are wonderful on just about everything -- but especially the powder and the crud. They cruise well and they're fast.

Here's my dilemna:

While the Explosivs "work" in the bumps, and can even be fun, they are not ideal. They're a wide ski, and while I can ski the bumps fast and reasonably well with them, I do get tired of dealing with the extra width when the moguls are tight and I want to make quick turns. It takes more effort to go edge to edge in tight moguls. And it's not a question of length -- I actually prefer my 5 year-old 191 Volant PowerKarvers in the bumps to my 180 Explosivs (I weight 175 and am 5'10").

My question: what's a good complement to the Explosivs for days when I want to ski the bumps? I don't want a ski that turns for me either -- in some ways, just the opposite. I want an agile ski that does what I tell it to. Ideas?

I want a good ski that works very well in the bumps (under my authority), that also cruises well.

More info. on me: I'm 42, been skiing since I was 4, ski hard, but not looking to prove that I'm still 18.
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too many choices

a decent option would be to demo 4, 5, or 6 star supersport depending on your aggressiveness, and possibly stepping down one size from what you normally might use; these skis flex enough to run the troughs but bite hard enough that you can run them fast on the grooms. Im skiing the Explosives and the Superspeeds and will be looking for spring demo sales to pick up the 6 star for the same reason (the superspeeds eject you from the bumps at 100 mph) or there is the purest route with the Dragon Slayer 94-66-80 cut mogul ski and there stiff enough to run fast.
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You'd recommend the Volks star series over the EXP series for bumps?
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It sounds like sportsman wants a high level all-mtn ski that is just more narrow than his Explosivs...

I love my Volant Machete Souls in bumps (also love them in the steeps...and when hauling...and they move from condition to condition very well)...very stiff, stable, heavy ski...but absolutely rockets turns with the proper input (72mm waist).....only mentioning because you should be able to find them online for low-mid $200s (new)....
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Thanks for the thoughts.... I demoed two skis today at Squaw: 7/24 EXPs in about 184 and the new Volkl All Stars in a 175. Here's what I thought:

EXPs: Basically I thought they were terrible in the bumps. Squirelly. Disappointing grip and no life, and they seemed to want to complete each turn rather than taking my cue to hold the fall line and move on to the next turn. Couldn't ski them aggressively. Once I had them on the flats for fast cruising they were very nice, relaxing... kind of like driving a well-tuned automatic transmission car.

All Stars: Loved 'em. Absolutely amazing ski. Extremely versatile on both the bumps and the flats. Held an edge as I dictated, made short and long turns -- whatever I wanted to do. On the flats, they were stable at high speeds despite the 175 length. Not sure how they'll do in powder or crud, but I'm sticking with my Explosivs for those conditions. The Super Stars are the perfect complement. I want these skis. My dilemna is to figure out if I should go up to the 182s, as the 175s seemed a bit short (they didn't have any 182s to demo unfortunately).
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