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Demo ski suggestions

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My wife and I are intermediates. While we have occaisonally done ungroomed and had an infrequent day in powder, we are primarily comfortable on the groomed blues (Copper Mtn, Alta, Snowbird, Solitude). My wife is a cautious skier - general nature and confidence.

Other than skiing once more than 12 years ago, we started skiing in spring of 2001 (with the kids, currently ages 6 and 7) and within the last year have made a committment to ski 15 - 20 days a year. While we may occasionally go to a local hill, we will probably make at least two trips somewhere west of the Missouri river.

To improve our skills and enjoy the people, we will be joining ESA2 in January and then on to Jackson...we love the Teton/Yellowstone area.

Beyond expanding our own skills and terrain options, our children seem to think that skiing the "marked trails" is boring. We look forward to expanding our comfort zone to include the less "boring".

As we head up to Jackson, we would like to demo a variety of skis (and lengths).

Current Equipment for a couple of seasons:
My wife: 5' 10" (155 lbs) currently on Solomon Pilot verse 5 170 cm. Boot: Nordica (but I don't remember the model)

Me: 6'1" (200 lbs, but should be 185) Rossi Bandit X 184. Boot Solomon Wave 8.

Have heard a lot about the mid-fats, but haven't skiied any. Thank you for any suggestions you might have.

See you in LCC and the Tetons. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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Do you want to demo skis with intent to buy, or just demo so you have the right "gun" for the day?
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Demo with intent to eventually buy. With our avg days/year, I would probably go with a primary pair and then rent for those big powder days.

My wife's boots are: Nordica F8.

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I'm thinking Scream 8 Pilot, Bandit B2, and Volkl AX3 and AX2. I'm not familiar with the Volant line, but I'd try one of those too.
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Thanks for the suggestions. Appreciate the assistance!

Any suggestions on length? How much does weight factor into the length?

Based upon the little I understand, our current length are probably the maximums but will try 160 - 170 for my wife and 175 - 185 for myself.
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That sounds about right for length. You are demoing, so try a few lengths. I know in JH you can change skis mid-day because the shop is right on the hill. It's nice to be able to just walk in and swamp 'em out.
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I would think the AX3 in a 177 would be just about right for you....enjoy JH!!!
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Any thoughts on skis targeted/focused on women?

My wife seems satisfied with her boots, but we both probably suffer from a lack of knowledge/understanding and expectation.
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I would have her try an Atomic Women's R10 in 160.
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Women's ski - Volant Vertex 71. Try 160cm.

Mid fat for you - Check out Fischer Big Stix if you are looking for a mid fat for powder/crud. Try 8.6 model 170 or 180cm. Volant Gravity 71 is also a very good ski in this category, but not as wide. Try about 175cm. If you want to test a carver that's narrower under the foot, try out Fischer RX-8 or RX-6, 170 or 175 cm. (Disclosure: I'm a Pro Rep for Fischer.)

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. With this and some reading I should have a good list when we head west in January.

For those heading to ETU, have a great time.

See you in Jan/Feb.

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CJ - most all of those skis have a women's version. B2W, Scream 8W, etc.
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I would say that a volkl 4 star or five star is a great place to start.

Demo a mid fat while you are at it. Like the G2 or G3 (last years Volkl) this years unless you want the savings.

I do not like the Scream 8 - dullness machine.
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My two cents:
I just tried the Bandit B2, and Volkl AX2. The Volkl is a wonderful ski but demands constant attention and rewards technical skill while the Bandit B2 is just simple pleasure, no demands but begs to play. What do you want out of a ski?

Let your wife demo a Volant and she will take them home. They have a well earned reputation for making the rider feel confident. Personally I find them a bit 'dead' but they do inspire confidence and the feel that they will pull you through when the terrain gets a little to rough.
see you there
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T9X's for your wife and Axis XP's in a 181 for you. The XP is just a ball of fun!
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Thanks for the feedback! It has been helpful, coupled with past postings and other material. Making the list - hard part is prioritizing brand/length.

39 days until Snowbird!
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wow...super jealous of JH...hope you have a great time there...the truth is about skis is that everybody is making a relatively decent ski these sure that if you wanted to, you could find a ski from any supplier that would do just about what you wanted it to...that being said, I would stay away from Volkl, i skied on there product exculsively for years, and i think that when they made the platinum, there were at the top of the business, but i think that they are goin down hill in quality compared to the other companies, however i was always impressed with there customer service...Rossi and solomon used to make great bump and slalom skis, and the extreme series for solomon was an important breakthrough, however, i think both have lacked in innovation as well...i would sat that the best three ski producers out there are Elan, Atomic, and Fischer (Fischer being who i am exclusive to now). I dont know much about Atomic's line this year, but Elan knows there stuff for sure...I really like there S 12 and M 12 for you...great skis that rail like a Ferrari, but arent too stiff to take in the powder...As for Fischer, i like the big stix and the RX-8 or the RX-6... the RX-6 is goin to be a little softer and it doesnt have any for your wife, i am really impressed with Fischer's women's line, especialy the RX-4 (FS 10) and the S300.

i hope that helped
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