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Ski Suggestions?

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I'm looking for a medium to short radius (12-17 ish) performance all mountain ski. Some background: 165#, advanced & agressive skier, groomed / crud skiing preferred. Sold Equipe 10 RC's to get a soft midfat for instructing etc... finding it way too soft for ripping carves though. I've tried the 9S Oversize, and enjoyed it. Looking at the RX8? Any suggestions or comments on what you have tried or own would be appreciated! Looking for something like Crossmax 10, SX:11, RX8 etc...
Probably a 165-170 length (as I am 5'10")
Thanks in advance for anything! -Looking to buy beginning of next season

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Try the Elan S:12 maybe in a 168. Similar to the RX8, but less turny, more damp. Fit my style
more, so I preferred it.
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