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The Claw slalom skis

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Have you all seen these around? years ago I read an article in Ski or Skiing about them, but that was before shorty slaloms became popular. They offer a model now with a modern SL sidecut ( www.clawskis.com )... the skis are intriguing and I'd love to know how they ski. They're also competitively priced with race stock gear, esp. considering they come with a plate. hmmm....
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I actually saw a pair at the bottom of one of our race courses the other day. I didnt see the owner anywhere in sight so i didnt get a chance to ask him/her how they actually ski. They look like they probably rip. The metal and rubber plate that covers most of the ski probably gives them a smooth ride and most likely very easy edgehold. As far as the slalom version goes, i would guess that it takes a strong pilot to ski it just because of its radical shape. I have often wondered however, what kind of rebound these have out of the turns. they seem to be dampened so much that they might feel sluggish out of the turn (less snap). They might make an awesome slalom free ski thouhg. In the course... im skeptical... but it has happened that i have been wrong once or twice in the past.
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I've been interested in these too; there was a stealth mention of them in the OldSchool/NewSchool issue of Ski Press (the one with helmet reviews). Specifically, in 163cm length.
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i know of the boys that put these together. they say theres a bottle of liqour in every pair.
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