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Tamarack - Insiders report

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Are there any Tamarack locals who can give an infomative overview of this new resort now tht its been open for 3 or so months. Could include:
Trails and Grooming
Off trail terrain - Trees, Steeps, Hikeable stuff
Snow - Cement vs Champagne
Weather (especially the effect of Cascade Lake - any fog/inversions for instance)
Mountain Facilities

Could be a lot to ask but would be interested to know.
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no takers?

There really is nobody who has skied Tamarack or who would like to give some info - come on guys?
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I have second hand information from a friend who skied there this year.

she said the runs were pretty poorly laid out, the snow was ok, the views were spectacular, all in all it is going to be a pretty average resort. She said there really weren't any back bowls or extensive expert terrain to expand to, just your average run of the mill resort, nothing special.

Second hand info for you.
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Thanks for telling what you know. Yeah the pictures of the place/setting looked good but.....
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no problem. It is probably worth checking out.

In her words, "It will never be a Sun Valley or Snowbasin".
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Nor will it eve catch Deer Valley, The king of pampering.
Just hope that Tamarack doesn't build out to fast.
It's 90 miles from a airport, the road from Boise is a narrow,curvy,and can be 'interestin' in the winter.
And there isn't much nightlife in the whole area. Trying to get people to come sped a week there is going to be a challenge.
I checked the resort out 2 springs ago during a 3day trip to Brundage,,liked what i saw so much, i looked into moving there, but plans changed.
Was there any plans for snowmaking? They are going to need the help. At least for a early season base.
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Here is a link to my observations from skiing at Tamarack posted in the general ski discussion forum last month.


I have been back again one more time since then. Conditions were actually a bit better the second time. There was 4" of new snow the day before. Still, not enough coverage to venture off trail.

My sense is that Tamarack will become a well appointed service oriented resort with entertaining but largely unchallenging skiing. Of course it has been a dismal snow year and even what amounts to average snow conditions on the mountain would undoubtedly make it look and ski far better.
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