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Snow Basin Advice

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What's the best way to ski it, given the current conditions? Going to be tere on Friday. Any advice?
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Don't really understand by "the best way to ski it", what do you mean?
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Best place to be n the warm weather, etc....

How to maximize enjoyment.....

Get the most out of the day....

Minimize a bad time considering that I am missing out on a foot of new snow due my home mountain in VT.....

Ya know, things a long those lines. I figure if someone were to ask me how to ski my home mountain for those things, I could go on and on......but that's just me.....
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This all depends on what level skier you are and since I don't know this information is kind of a general map:

The conditions are getting a little soft late in the afternoon overall and on the Northest facing slopes they are hard in the morning.

In the morning Ski over to Strawberry to get your legs warmed up. The slopes there are either direct east or southeast exposure so you will be nice and warm and the conditions are pretty good corn conditions. After a couple of hours head back to the other side which should be getting some decent sun exposure at that point and will soften up.

If you want a nice expereince head to the Grizzly and and Wildflower Downhills in the morning, they should have it groomed and if you go in the AM it will be super fast, make nice long arching turns all the way down and feel the burn.

Any of the JP area will be decent, skied out, but decent. But stay off the John Paul run, it has horrible exposure and can be a royal pain the ass at this time of year.

For an ego booster hike up to the Lone Tree chute which is to the right of the Strawberry Gondola. You can't miss it, just take the lower trail. It is rutted out but the pitch is nice enough that you don't have to work too hard, and the sensation is really cool.

Eat at the John Paul Lodge to avoid crowds.
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Okolepuka, hit the nail on the head with his instructions. Don't forget to ride the Olympic Tram up at least once for the veiw if nothing else. Oh and bring plenty of sunscreen - it's been close to 60f here in Ogden this week. Heres one secret, hit Elk Ridge on the Strawberry side at about 1pm for some great mashed potatos.
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Why thank you steelman.
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