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Jock of Ages

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Hey, people:

I'm 61, pushin' 62, putting in a lot of time preparing for my L2 next season. I can't help noticing that I am usually the oldest guy at events, although I don't have any more trouble than anyone else keeping up with the coach. I'm at the top of Level 8, like a lot of the rest of us L2 wannabees, striving to push my nose into Level 9, and pretty confident I am going to get there sooner rather than later. I am fortunate to be in pretty good shape (accident of good genes), but always fighting to get the exercise I need, especially the work I need to keep strong in the areas (core, quads, hammies, etc) critical to good skiing.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I have no plans to quit skiing for at least 20 years and just wanted to link up with any kindred spirits out there: other 60-plus (or close) sliders to correspond with on conditioning, training, technique, aches and pains and anything else that comes up for us aging jocks.

Look forward to hearing from people.

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I'm a new member of the Medicare corps, Joe, and a LIII. I ski routinely with a bunch of folks even older. One of my favorites is a guy I've known for 30+ years who's now 93 and skis most sunny days. I want to be doing that in 30 years too, except I expect to be better :~). I've been a 100-days-a-season skier since I started teaching in 1970 and know about all the aches and pains. Since I've learned to make better use of the newer gear, I've become a stronger skier with significantly reduced physical issues. Oh, yeah, there's also glucosamine.
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Nice to hear back from you. Since I have been doing PSIA events mid-week, I have found that there are a lot more over 60s than I ever knew from going only on weekends. But, I still have not met too many that are active in PSIA at the upper certs or going for them.

I've enjoyed your posts greatly over the time I've been hanging with the Bears. Tell me more about Glucosamine. I take vitamins, have a good diet, etc, etc, but being a scientific sort of soul, I am always a bit wary of new stuff whose claim to fame may not be well-substantiated by clinical trials. Not against them, but just wary of not trying to be jerked around by too many new supplements.

All that is a preamble to the question: What is your experience with Glucosamine?

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I've reported previously, but maybe it's not in the archives since the "big crash", that I started taking glucosamine complex (glucosamine mainly by itself) several years ago because my physician wanted me to walk on the treadmill more and I complained that it hurt my feet too much. I've found that it relieved my foot distress (but hasn't encouraged me to treadmill a great deal more) and also eliminated pain in my knees that I normally experienced after every day of skiing. So I've been continuing to take two 500 mg. tablets daily. My wife, who is eight years younger, also was taking it for her feet (she treadmills a lot more routinely than I), and had been using the same dosage until a couple weeks ago when she increased to three tablets daily because she was having some pain in one elbow from running her knitting machine. She reports the increase has helped with the elbow.

It's my understanding that glucosamine helps "lubricate" the joints, reducing wear, while the combination of glucosamine and chondroitin actually helps repair damaged joints. In our cases, we had no apparent damage, just pain from wear.
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