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Well, it didn't snow like I had hoped. But I got the next best thing. Long, warm sunshine filled days. For me, when the freeze thaw thing starts happenin' I like to head for the lower elevations and sun facing slopes. While that means there's freeze. In the afternoon, if the sun has done it's part, there's silky carveable corn. I love the stuff.

So I arrived into SLC kinda late. Picked up the rental car, a little econo car, no need for suv or all wheel drive. And drove to an airport hotel. Was greeted by a pbs broadcast of the grateful dead movie. A good omen, I knew my trip was going to be better than average. With all of my excitement, I couldn't sleep right away.

Saturday Morning I headed over to Deer Valley. Don't ask me why but having not skied in a couple months, I thought it would be a good warmer upper. I guess with the multitudes of gapers, I knew that whatever untracked or fresh snow in the woods would be there. I found many great stashes. Triangle Glades, Ontario Bowl, Lady Morgan Bowl, lots of afternoon fresh corn skiing. The groomers, as always were silky and fast. In the morning, as to be expected things were chunky and hard off piste. But by 10:30-11:00 the snow had softened up beautifully. It was all very carveable. Deer Valley is a treat. Sure there's lots of gapers and beginners and what not. But that just leaves the really fun terrain lightly or barely skied. More to come. I am back at work and have a meeting.

I soaked up the sun all day. Then drove north to Ogden. Which would be my uncrowded, atypical homebase for exploring the powder mountain and snowbasin. Sunday I skied at Snowbasin. Great Corn snow, they groom impeccably. Their lift structure is well planned. And skiing almost 3000 vertical feet without having to take a lift is very enjoyable. I decided to hike a bit, noticing that the entire upper mountain had been filled in with snow and the freeze thaw was doing its part to erase previous tracks and provid a flat, not cruddy and chopped plane on which to ski. After about a 45 minute hike, I found myself at the saddle of a beautiful bowl with untracked throughout. Granted it was good consolidated corn snow but it was smooth silky and worth every step along the boot pack and traverse. The snow there skied very well. Other runs were amazing. Bumps in the sun were soft and turnable. It was an excellent day.

Monday I went to Powder Mountain. Which I dubbed Corn Mountain. Don't go there. It sucks. The lifts are slow and it takes forever to get to the top from the bottom. And then you have to hike to everything.
Tuesday I went back to snowbasin for an encore. It was warm and totally uncrowded. I loved it. I revisited places I'd been to on sunday. Plus went off piste in other areas which will remain nameless as well. found all kinds of snow from recrystalized pow to corn in the sun. Just a wonderful way to end the vacation.

From there I basked in the sun and pushed my rental car's stereo to the point of no return while I packed for my evening flight back home.