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Leatherman Tools, etc

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I'm going to pick up a Leatherman (or equivalent tool) to carry with me in the backcountry when skiing, hiking, etc. Seems like there are lots of models and sizes, weights etc. Anyone done the research and have a recommendation?

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Ooooh I just bought the purple one (Leatherman Juice)for an Xmas present. It has everything but the ruler. I think the purple has the most tools on it.

The REI catalogue had a comparison chart for all models so you could see what each one had.

Here's the link for the Purple one.

Leatherman Juice Xe6

(There is a comparison chart at the bottom of the page you can click on)

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I've got the Leatherman Super Tool. It's a normal style leatherman but a little beefier than the stock Leatherman. It has needlenose pliers, two blades: serade/nonseraded, screwdrivers, files, and couple of other things. All of the utlities on the tool are locking, so you don't have to worry about the blade snapping back on your hand. There are so many different varieties of the leatherman, that i'm sure you'll find one that will suit you. Some have siscors, blunt headed pliers, really rugged seraded blades, and much more. If i was going to buy another leatherman, it would probably be the one with the vice-grips. I think that would really come in handy.
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I use the 'SuperTool'. I bought the additional 1/4" hex bit adapter, so that I could make the tool more versatile for on-hill binding service when I don't have my service bag along.

I looked at the Gerber line, but settled with the Leatherman. Figure out what features you need and want, and what you don't need, and start comparing models and brands.
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Er........ considering your profile (with all due respect and everything) ....... we should be asking YOU about leather goods!

Oh Well! Whatever floats your boat; as long as it doesn't sink mine!
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Betaracer has the right idea, get one of the models that accepts the adapter for extra bits.
Their web page
I have the PST II and love it.

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Had a classic Leatherman but I found after a few years of use that the blade lock lost it's spring and now allows the tools to fold back onto the hand. I carry a Crunch now. Better finish than days of yore, has much better designed blade locks, it has a built-in 1/4" bit socket in the handle already. The locking plier mechanism is surprisingly strong. http://www.leatherman.com/products/t...ch/default.asp
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