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Straight to Shaped skis...

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Hi to all of you,

Let me introduce myself, I am a 42 year old male but according to my wife, I am more like a 12 year old (mentally of course...) Anyway, I am trying to migrate from my 200 Olin's DTSL straight skis to more up to date technology.

I picked up a pair of used 188's K2 Mod X Pro skis with Markers 1200 pistons for $225 recently and I am itching to get them on the slopes. Like most 'old timers' I am a just a bit leery about the 'getting used to it' period.

I always felt that the Olins were a little to long for me. I think that I would have skied a lot better on 190's, well, to late for that now. I kind of have a feeling that the 188's Mod X's might be a little to long. I am going to find out in a couple of days when I go skiing for the first time this year. Maybe Ski Liberty and Blue Knob, PA later on.

Some stats, 5' 10", 180 lbs (dry, no gear), a solid intermediate (an advanced intermediate?). I would like to ski the bumps more often and elegantly (key words: 'would like'). Ski mostly in the east. I like to do a bit of everything. I want to ski agressively in the steeps, more key words: 'want'. I live in the Washington DC area and kind of fell out of skiing for the past 5 years (kid, work, etc, etc)

I am also migrating from my Nordicas NR 980 boots (remeber that old red boot) to a pair of Nordica Beasts (used) which I picked up for $150. So, in my mind, I am doing an equipment quantum leap from 1985-1990 to 2005.

I was able to do some research about the skis and found some really good reviews about them. So hopefully, they will be my all around, mountain ski for now until I get back in ski shape again.

Any opinions, comments, suggestion on the leap that I took?

Sorry about the length of this post and hopefully my scatter brain was in check today.

Thanks in advance
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Those are a bit long, which is probably why you got the deal you got on them. However I am about 10 pounds lighter than you and am able to ski my Rossi Bandit XX's in 184 no problem, and they are a bit fatter than the mod x's. That being said I am much happier on my pocket rockets in 175, as long as it is not real hard pack....

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Oh, and one more thing. I was a die hard straight board skier, until I tried shaped ones, fun fun! Enjoy.....

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I started my transition with Dynastar 4x4 skis in 178. Very much like those you purchased. I ski Whitetail mostly. Picked up the crossunder technique watching while on the lift and reading here. Quite easy if you have always been a carver. The new skis require no turning effort and non of that reverse shoulder business. In fact, after your pole touch, push that downhill hand forward while you lean into the turn. WOW that was fun. Balance is much more critical with the shorties. I now have a pair of Volkl 4 stars in 168 and a pair of Fischer Worldcup SC in 155. Those 155's are my favorites. What a blast.

So my advice for you coming off those board is to just feel the balls of your feet in your boots as well as the heels. Smooth transitions from turn to turn. More lean and less reverse shoulder. Push that hand through. Lower your hips a bit too. Spread your feet about shoulder width apart. RIDE EM ALL DAY.
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