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New here need equipment advise

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Hi all,
First post here great site. Just moved back to Oregon after 15 years. Have been skiing Bachelor the last couple of months. Bought a used pair of Olin shaped skis to warm back up on.

Having a blast so far. I have been skiing all lifts and the summit. I am pushing the skis I have and am looking for a good pair longterm.

The ski shop guy said atomic Metron M:8 168 would be a good ski. The more I look the more confused I get. They are available to demo this weekend and I probably will.

How about some other suggestions. I like going pretty fast with some bigger turns. Not very good at the bumps yet. The skis I have just kinda stop in the powder. We are having spring skiing conditions now and it gets a bit slushy in the PM.

I am 40 195 lbs and 5'8" but working out everyday. I have good lower and upper body strength.


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Hi Phil, i'll over up my twice cents. I personally am very happy with my Atomic SX skis, depending on how much you want to cross between pure speed (SX11) vs speed plus some all mtn capability (SX10, SX9).

As for other brands, I am sure you will hear some nods for Volkl 5*s. My friend has a pair and he really enjoys them.
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In the west, I would suggest a Metron over a SX especially if you are skiing some powder. The M:8 is the lowest of the Metron series, see if he has the 9 or the 10 to try. If you have a Sports Authority near by..you can get some Volant Machete Sin's for a steal at $135.00
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I suggest that you send a private e-mail to "dawcatching". He works at a ski shop in Sunriver down the road from Bend and posts some of the best ski reviews to be found at Epic Ski. He has proven very helpful to a lot of folks at Epic Ski (including me) and his shop carries many of the top brands. He certainly knows what skis work well in the PNW.
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helopilot, welcome to EpicSki! I'll second Lostboy's comments about the dawg, and also suggest, as Phil did, that you take a look at the other Metrons. Given what you say about your skiing, I'm surprised you didn't talk about the M:9, M:10, or even the M:11 or b5. I'd get on all of them, if I were you, and see which you like and don't like. Ski them shorter than you expect to do!
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Thanks for the advise lostboy and ssh. I am going down to Sunriver and will demo some skis this weekend.
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