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Hi all just found the forum and lots of great info on it. Here's my question i am just getting back to sking after a long layoff . I lived in killington VT and for a few yrs and worked in a ski shop I don't Know if anyone on here remembers the K2 kvc comps but those were my favorite alltime ski's ,I was a decent skier loved going fast on some of the runs on bear mtn , Would anyone have any sug. for which ski would be a great all mountian ski that u can go fast on but turn when u need it i used to ski 195-200 but with all these new shapes i don't know what length to buy I am 5'7" 180 , went sking in North Carolina last week ann was on some salomom screams they were great 174 length looking for a little cheeper ski thn what those run , any ideas , thanks