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Washington State is pretty darn close to being closed for the season.

Crystal closed in mid-January, then reopened for ten days in late February.

To put this in perspective: some years Crystal has skiing in July.
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C'mon Phil, go with me to Blue Mtn this Sunday....tis gonna rock!

Hopefully I'm only 2/3 thru for the year. Got 4 days in NH/ME comin up in a week, probably 2-3 more days in PA, and a mid-April 3 day or so thing, location TBD (maybe CO).
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55 days and counting.

Hey, have Jim bring your Atomics to Okemo and I'll keep them on snow for you. I wouldn't want them to feel they were not appreciated.
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Originally Posted by Max Capacity
55 days and counting.

Hey, have Jim bring your Atomics to Okemo and I'll keep them on snow for you. I wouldn't want them to feel they were not appreciated.
If they were up there, you would have my blessings to use them, but they are down here. Keep an eye for them this weekend, Lee (yellow Columbia jacket/ black helmet) will be up with them along with his family.

Jim and Lil are pushing 50 days too, must be nice to be retired...or close to the mountain.


I would sooner get my clubs out and hit the range than go to Blue.
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I just heard on the radio that the Cascades snow pack is at a 50 year low. We're as good as done here even if a few areas are open. (I think they're staying open so that they can deny big discounts on next season's passes.) Those that are open will be forced to close soon. We're having record high temps and no precipitation.
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No more skiing for me this year - I've got to concentrate on a little thing called 'graduating' from university! However, Argentina calls for the summer before I have to get off my lazy student arse and get a proper job...

BTW, anyone got any opinions on Argentina vs NZ? Cheers.
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My goal is 3 more weekends between now and mid-April...we'll see how that goes.
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Trip next week to Tahoe, and then a week in Banff/Lake Louise in mid-April. All in all, 5 trips this year (2 to Sun Peaks and another to Silver Star).

Locally, not a single day. Mt. Baker, Crystal and Whister/Blackcomb never got off the ground. A disaster season for PNW. I'm lucky to hit 23 days. A record low.
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I thought I was done, but the wife just talked me into going to Blue Knob on the 21st. So I guess I'll have a few more days left.
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Here in the Midwest we've got two more weekends to look forward to. The weather is looking really good for this weekend. If I get a day in this weekend it will be 20 days for me! I know it's not that many for you guys out west but it's a PR for me. If I can get next weekend it might be 22.

The good news is I'm getting a season pass on Saturday at one of the resorts for next year. It's my first season pass and I'm really excited.

Lets hope for more cold weather.
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Nowhere close. I'll still ski Cannon a couple times, hit Wachusett a bunch of times, maybe ski Tuckerman's again. I'll be bummed if I don't get another 15 days in or so.
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Steven's Pass announced they are closed today for the season. I got one day up there this year (it's my "home" moutain as we have a condo nearby). Thankfully I got a total of 12 days in CO (3 at Vail, 9 at Copper), 5 at Whistler (what was supposed to be a 3 day Whistler, 4 day cat-skiing in Revelstoke trip), and BEST OF ALL: I'm going to Valdez next week for 7 days with Valdez Heli-Ski Guides.

Of course, after *that* I'll be done. Wakeboard season calls...
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Tomorrow will only be day 30. I'll keep going 'til A Basin closes, at least.
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My season ends this year on 4/22........

Then it's back home to start surfing.......so.....I wax all year !
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: Over? Nah...got solid plans through April. We'll see how the snow holds out after that.

Ok I have to ask....how does one ski 90 consecutive months? I'm soooooo jealous!!!!!!!!
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After a short stint down in Tahoe, my season is over. As others have said, PNW is depressing. I didn't even get to use my goodies I bought for Christmas.

Whats worse: No snow = low river volumes = my other hobby: kayaking, is pretty much pooped at the moment. Might as well go curl up in a corner.
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Dug: What about ocean kayaking? It's not the same adenaline rush as whitewater. But, it's beautiful, a major workout and you're in the right location.
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It was 5o some here Monday when I went out for the mail at lunch time. Decided to test whether my golf swing improved over my winter hiatus. Weather has thankfully turned back to winter and I can avoid embarrasing myself with golf for a few more weeks I hope. Work schedule is filling up fast. Would like to get west once more even if its only for a few days. Would like to get back to Mammoth late April.
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Saddley ski vacations all done for this year, had 2 weeks in Tahoe 1st 2 weeks JAN and our 2 weeks in JH ended last Thursday. Back to golf now.
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One more trip - Vail, and then it will be the indoor slope for me.
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We still have plenty of snow here but are currently in a stormless pattern. 60f here yesterday but we always get snow in March so we should have at least another month for sure. 36 days so far and have a trip to Vail in 2 weeks. Come on snow!
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steelman, when do you go, and where are you staying?
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Looking forward to 9 days in Snowmass last week in March. Never really had a chance to do "spring" skiing before. Just got back from Streamboat Sunday. They could use some fresh snow. Trying to plan one more trip to the Tahoe area before late April...
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I will probably be done easter weekend (The Canyons) . I hope to start up again in August at either Kaprun or Hintertux (Just for a couple of days to get my legs aching).
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I've also got the PNW blues. Hope to squeak in one more trip to Utah. My golf game is improving though. Slatz, sorry for the bum news, but I think Crystal will be closing soon and I heard Stevens pass is closed.
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Not for this guy. Still a few places I want to hit. Besides, snow around NE is just starting. We are getting a few more inches this weekend. Hope to ski another 20 times or so before mid-May.
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Originally Posted by Rdy2ski

Ok I have to ask....how does one ski 90 consecutive months?

Well, in my case you start out by deciding one year that you would like to be able to say you've skied every month of the year. It helps a lot if you were living in Salt Lake City at the time, and it was even better that Utah had experienced a massive snow year.

Skiing Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr was just business as usual.

May was no problem because Snowbird was still operating.

June was no problem because the Mirror Lake highway in the Uinta Mountains had just been plowed and there was snow *everywhere* at the top of the pass. We would just skin anywhere we felt like it and ski back to the car.

July was no problem because we were able to skin and hike all the way from the Alta parking lot to nearly the top of Baldy on the morning of July 4th and ski all the way back down to the car.

That was so much fun that we went back on the first of August and were still able to get some pretty long turns in the Ballroom area under the main Baldy Chute.

For September, I had been keeping an eye on a large north-facing snowfield underneath the American Fork Twin Peaks above the Gad II chair at Snowbird. Two and a half hours of hiking and heinous boulder-hopping got me to that snowfield and some "interesting" turns, but that ticked September off the list.

October was a bit of a problem because it never snowed at all that month. It was very cold and clear, however, and Park City started making snow on the World Cup race course toward the end of October. So, we hiked up through brown, dry weeds and strung turns together on the big white whales downhill of the snow guns.

By November, Brighton and Park City had opened for business and be December everyone was going full blast.

So, that meant I had skied at least one day every month for the year of 1998 (as well as the last three months of '97). By the time summer of '99 came along, I had over 20 months logged and it just got harder and harder to stop.

We've had so much fun doing this that I really don't want to stop. I've skied way up high in the Tetons, at 13,500 feet on Castle Peak outside Aspen, on near-permanent snowfields on Beartooth Pass in Montana, and on pathetic little snow-gun droppings in some of those meager fall months. I've dodged whistling rocks falling off overhanging cliff bands and I've rattled across some of the most obnoxious sun-cupped runnels you could imagine. I've even watched a slurry-like stream of wet snow come sluicing by me after shaving all that snow off a particularly steep, sun-facing chute in June.

My all-time favorite photo of me skiing was taken by my wife in late June about four years ago up high in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Another one of my consecutive-month forays:

The miserable climbs through brush and over boulders have kind of faded into distant memory. The rattling around on junky snow has just become part of the cost of doing business.

I've had a broken shoulder, a knee surgery, and a totally blown-up elbow during these seven and a half years and have still managed to get my turns made. Half of my friends think I'm indescribably insane and the other half always want to hear where the last stupid destination was.

But during those years, we've had some incredibly fun experiences in places almost no one goes at those times of year. It's really been a blast and I hope to be able to continue for a few more years.

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Bob, that picture is sick and wrong. I love it!
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Are you sure that photo is not one of a Washington ski resort at the peak of this season?

I was one who held out the theory that just a few good storms would nuetralize the predicted El Nino effect in the PNW this year. Boy was I wrong.
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I can't believe you guys out west can skill until June, July. I have to move!

I am going to Stowe next weekend though, cant complain. Maybe Jay Peak too!
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