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Originally Posted by nochaser3006
I'm not hip to computer lingo. What does it mean to say someone is trolling?:
It means someone is making a (usually false) statement simply to get a lot of responses - often by angering or offending people. Examples of "trolling" thread titles:

Rwanda: Genocide wasn't so bad
Hugo can't ski big
Whistler nightlife sucks
The Janjaweed are swell fellows
Ingrid Backstrom killed a fan with her bare hands
There are WMD's in Iraq

...that kind of thing
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Bumps n moguls.
Hate em now, hope to love em someday.
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attack and shift.
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If everyone did proper GS turns we wouldn't have annoying moguls

Seriously though, I totally agree with the first poster, I find moguls to be the least enjoyable terrain to ski. I can zipperline them or take meandering paths down, either way I hate being forced to turn rather than turning and going where I want, it's just not fun and it's way too slow speed for me. This is especially annoying in the trees. Luckily some of the steeper terrain at Lake Louise and Fernie doesn't bump up unless it hasn't snowed forever (like right now). I like to go fast and do big turns, personal preference, bumps are just not fun.
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I love moguls....

Last run last sunday at Mad River I blasted Liftline and Chute and skied the bumps as hard as I new. Zipperline knees flexing upper body straight as a washboard pole planting the whole way, staying forward, and seeing my line 3 even 4 turns ahead....

Oh yeah, and agression, think William Wallace in Braveheart...
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Originally Posted by gramboh
Luckily some of the steeper terrain at Lake Louise and Fernie doesn't bump up unless it hasn't snowed forever (like right now). I like to go fast and do big turns, personal preference, bumps are just not fun.
Last weekend I looked down at the moguls on some of the steeps at Lake Louise and thought "Hmmm, they definitely jack up the "explosive spill" potential"...but I have to say once in off the top THEY WERE A BLAST!

If you guys don't like them, why ski them?
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I only ski them when I have to, which is relatively often since it never snows here (Banff/Lake Louise). Seems recent seasons average 3-4 weeks between storms, it's painful, I wish i was in SLC.
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I always tell my wife Bumps are you friends...when she is struggling on a bump run. Use them to check your speed and turn on the flat part of the bump...not the steep part.

That said. Bumps are great. Definitely so much more interesting than groomers...and a much much better workout. However, I like all kinds of terrain...steeps, bumps, trees, chutes.

I think to be a truly great skier one must be proficient at skiing the entire mountain, all conditions, all kinds of terrain.
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Love em! In fact I feel that most ski areas in the west don't have enough good mogul runs. They are mostly too short.
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Originally Posted by hiski
Love em! In fact I feel that most ski areas in the west don't have enough good mogul runs. They are mostly too short.
I love 'em too, but too short? Where in the world are you skiing in the West that doesn't have some majorly long mogul runs? I regularly ski Copper and Mary Jane and there are some monstrous mogul runs on both mountains. I've been working all season on being able to ski these suckers from top to bottom without stopping. I still have to stop about 2-3 times, but I'm getting closer!

Copper Runs off the Alpine Lift - Triple Threat, Too Much, Far East
Mary Jane Runs off the Challenger Lift - Railbender, Derailer, Trestle
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I like the idea of Moguls, but

: Been sking six years now and can ski pretty much any pitch, ice included. I can rip blues and blacks with carved RR tacks. All my skiing has been east so not alot of chance to ski the powder. Crud no problem

BUT moguls are another story. That is my next task, but they kick me around pretty hard, and it ain't pretty. Am heading to Sugarloaf on the 20th for a week with the family. They have had eight feet of snow in the last three and a half weeks so the bumps should be soft. I will learn to ski those bad boys. My Volkl AX3s will be working
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The last couple of years I have been working real hard to improve my mogul skiing and I admit that now I truly love the feeling of skiing in moguls (as long as they are not rock hard).

I desperately want to ski moguls the way I ski normal terrain. I am not there yet, but I see solid improvement and it feels rather nice.
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In the east, often the only challenging or varying terrian is a good long bump run (often rock hard), so its appealing to a lot of poeple bored stiff with groomers.

Also, it's entirely possible to carve turns on zip line..short carve's albeit, but it's the preferred method. We often call skiers who just straightline or wiggle thier ass "swizzlers" or just plain hacks, cause it's apparent they dont know how to carve a ski. You will notice this on a lot of younger bumpers today, who spend all thier time in the park and rails, with no technical background. Mogul coaches will most definately promote the carving of the ski.

Whats not to love about laps on chin clip in april, the first left line at the top of Star or Goat, or banging VW bumps down Palavancini (sp.) at the basin?
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I will ski bumps here or there, I will ski them anywhere. I love bumps of solid ice, I love bumps when skied with mice. I think bumps are moral too, I will ski them coral too.

In 45 years of skiing I have not met a bump I did not like.
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I am completely baffeled by some of the posts in this thread. I don't know what you guys are doing, but I don't know how you can ski the bumps without "carving." The pros will zip a line of only a couple hundred vertical right in the fall line, but they are still carving to some extent. If they weren't, then they would just keep accelerating (much like bad mogul skiers you see sitting back in the bumps until they blow up).

The way I see it (and I certainly may be wrong), is that there are only 3 ways to change direction. You can jump turn, skid around, or carve (or some combination thereof). If you are jumping all your turns in the bumps you will wear out very quickly. If you skid your turns you are a hack, and if you are any good and intend to ski the bumps all day (and for years to come), you are carving your turns. A good bump skier's tips never leave the snow, except when they want them to, because they are carving.

Maybe as Capboy says, " I don't get it," but I don't think that leaping or skidding from trough to trough is skiing. If you aint carving, you aint skiing where I come from.
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With both knees crispy, and three bad disks, I cannot enjoy bumps anymore. I used to rag at my wife that "bumps are your friends" but now ... I confess ... I would rather have a perfectly groomed advanced blue to nice even pitched black with two feet of fresh on it. Prefer it to basically anything (with only VERY few exceptions). And this weekend, it might just happen. Oooh, I am getting hot and bothered thinking about it.....
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Interesting posts on the challenge of bumps, I agree with that. But I still find more pleasure in maching groomers on hardpack days. The sensation of speed and big super G radius turns is great.
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I have mixed thoughts on moguls; when they are soft and snowy, they can be enjoyable once I get going (first few turns always feel awkward). When icy and hard, I cannot think of a worse type of terrain. Regardless, I'd like to get better at moguls and practice is the only way! Either deal with them or avoid them.

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I'm with you nochaser. We're in the distinct minority on this thread, but I don't like skiing moguls either. Love the steeps, the back bowls, powder, everything else. I just find moguls are more work than fun. I'm sure I could use instruction and practice, but I just don't see that I want to get better at them when I already have so much fun skiing the other stuff.

To each his own...
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If everyone liked the same type of that would be wierd.
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Moguls are part of the Mountain. I don't particularly like big,icy,steep bumps. But I did ski some double black bump runs at Alpine Meadows last week and rather enjoyed them. Deal with it or don't ski them.
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I want to learn how to see bumps, but the problem is not too many mountains have beginner bumps or even intermediate. Most places just have bumps on blacks. I just want to practice my technique (or lack thereof) without worrying about speed control at the same time. The only mountains I've skied at that have more of a variety is Okemo and Loon.
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Originally Posted by gramboh
If everyone did proper GS turns we wouldn't have annoying moguls
Naw---LOL---then we would have REALLY BIG moguls
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