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tuning pencil skis

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Digging out the old pencil skis to use as rock skis. They haven't been tuned in years. I don't remember what to ask for. Does 1? base/ 1.5? side make sense? They're just old Rossis. Don't know what model, maybe cobras or vipers.

Bindings are still on the list, so that's good.
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I personally always did 0°/0° (90° base and edges) on all my straight skis then detune tips and tails back about 3".
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While I always did 0/0 also, know that I know better I think a little base bevel would have saved me from many caught edges.
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I just did up my Elan Comprex with 2/2 for a last day of slushy bumps.

You may have already gathered that you can do pretty much anything you like and get away with it without ruining the ski.
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