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Conditions in Sun Valley?

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Can anyone let me know how the snow is holding up at Sun Valley with the recent lack of snow? Any hope for decent skiing spring break there?
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Any Idaho bears? I assume with their snowmaking it should be ok but would like some firsthand accounts if possible?
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I was there in January and they hadn't had much snow with lots of exposed areas in the sun. THis didn't affect the trails however where you rarely saw exposed. The skiing was great, it's so dry out there that the snow was simply packed pow conditions. People were real worried about the lack of snow moving forward though. They really needed snow and that was in January. It's two months later and I don't think they've had any appreciable snow. I can't comment on the current conditions.

Sun Valley is always fun, I'm sure it'll be good but probably with lots of exposed stuff and no chance for any pow.
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As of today, 3/10, everything on the hill is soft. The temps up top have been in the 40 to 50 degree range and in some spots there is 6 inches of slush. If you get there early you can move around the hill, pretty much all day, and ski snow that is just coming off. It is supposed to cool down here this weekend so the snow might not be as soft next week.

The groomers have good coverage on them and there is no shortage of bumpsi. I'm sure that you will have fun when you come out here. If nothing else the weather is great for sitting outside and drinking beer.
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