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Fischer Race SC or Omecarve. Comments

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Looking for a ski that makes quick turns and can handle some bumps.

Alos looking at Omecarve 9 from Dynastar.

Comments? other suggestions?

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Hey there--I recently picked up a pair of Omecarve 9 skis--check out my review http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=21524I've had about 10 days on them now and my thoughts haven't changed about them significantly. Still in my opinion a great New England ski for lighter skiers who ski hardpack, bumps, and only occasionally in powder/crud. Well-mannered in the bumps--definitely not locked in to any particular turn shape. It does remarkably well in 6" of new snow and cut-up crud but it's easily deflected in rough snow and there are definitely much better skis for such conditions.

however I'd suggest that it's not the right ski to compare against the Fischer Race SC--among the Dynastar skis the Fischer would probably compare better to the Omecarve 10 or Omeglass 63.

It may help us to know a little more about you--weight, skill level, where and what kinds to runs/conditions you like.

If you're looking for a slalom carver then Atomic's SL9 or SL11 should also be on your list from all of the great reviews they get here though i've not tried either myself.
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Thanks Andrew.

Skied for about 15years. Solid on single diamonds. Sometimes messy on most doubles.
Been Snowboarding for last 10 years.
3 year old daughter that I will be taking skiing next year. This would be tough to do on a board.
Skied for the first time in 10 years last weekend at Killington and loved it.

6 foot. 180 lbs.

Prefer quicker turns at medium speeds. I am not into going super fast down the mountain.

Bumps in moderation.

Will not be using skis in much powder. Will be boarding and daughter will be at the mountain child care/lessons on powder days.

Would prefer a lighter weight ski since I am sure it will be easier to use when picking up daughter and walking with skis on bunny slope.

Hope this helps. Any suggestions on a good board would be great.

I found some good deals on the Fischer SC so that is why I mention them.

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I have 2 days on my Omecarve 9's. They are a blast.

I haven't tried the Fischers.

I had read that the Omecarve 9's were OK in bumps and I got an incredible deal on them (last summer) so I got them.

I would probably like any slalom carver, but favored these because of their bump reputation and the fact that they took bindings I like.
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I have a pair of Omecarve 10s Got them the end of last seson and skied them most of this year. I think it is the same as the 9 with a titanal plate on the riser. I am 165# and ski like I am pissed off at the mountain. I went with the 165cm ski. I am very pleased with it. Makes everything fun from the steep suff to the runouts. It is easy to start a turn and goes edge to edge faster than any other ski I have been on. It is an easy going ski does not kill you if you make a small mistake but leaves some mighty railroad tracks when you lay them over. Bumps are fun with them. I even had them out in a foot of powder ( that is what I had with me) and was very suprised at how well they did. More of a top end than my old Slalom ski (10 3V). I would recomend it to any one.
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Sounds like the Omecarve 9 or 10 would be a good fit for you. They are easy to turn even at slower speeds (my wife sticks to the blue/black groomed runs, good skier but not fast) and short turns are what they excel at. Bumps are very doable on these skis. Would look at 165cm as a starting length.

You should search this forum for comments on the Fischer Race SC as they've been brought up before. General consensus if I remember it correctly is that they are a lot of fun but aren't as forgiving of sloppiness. Maybe Fischer RX6 or RX8?--not sure if you can get a good deal on those skis. anyhow, lots of rave reviews about the RX8 recently on this forum as well.

Good luck! there are a lot of really good slalom carver skiers out there that will do what you want. Don't get too fixated on finding the 'best' one.
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Welcome to EpicSki, Mike!

I think that the Race SC is a great ski, and one that skis well in a shorter length, which makes it even better for tromping around in learning areas and on greens. You may get something useful from this review from last year (it may also be useful to review my comments on other skis this year). My size and weight is pretty much identical to you, FWIW. I like a ski with power, carve-ability, and some life to it...
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Thanks Steve....great info.

I am leaning towards the Race SC becuase of the deals that seem to be out there on that ski.

Think I could get away with a 160?

5'11. 180 lbs.

the smaller and lighter the ski the better for the teaching, but I also do not want to be miserable on it when using it on real trails.

The RX8s seem to be too expensive for me.

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The RX8 is just a one more downgrade: Fischer Worldcup SL (real race ski, not available in normal shops) --> Worldcup SC (top line model slalom ski), --> Race SC (just a bit softer as the SC, 1m more radius depending on season) -->RX8.
Don't take the Race (without SC). Have you been Raceboarding? If then I recommend you a true Slalom ski top of line. They still feel very soft compared to raceboards (esp compared to coilers, .... and other of your American custom boards)
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Posted by Extreme carver
The RX8 is just a one more downgrade: Fischer Worldcup SL (real race ski, not available in normal shops) --> Worldcup SC (top line model slalom ski), --> Race SC (just a bit softer as the SC, 1m more radius depending on season) -->RX8

I stand to be corrected here but I don't think this is correct. To the best of my awareness there is only normally the Worldcup Sl and the Race SC in the Fischer slalom models.

As to the length Mike, I don't think you will find 160 is too short in this type of ski. I continue to be amazed at how my 155 Slalom race skis can handle high speed blasts
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@ ScotsSkier. Yeah true slalom. Thats why I said downgrade. Race SC has 1m more radius since 04?. Basically they are only downgraded slaloms. (At the same time the Worlcup RC radius is tinier too. 112 to 118 at tip, otherwise very similar. True GS becomes more and more different). 160 should be sweet.

155cm slalom race department are definitely more stable than most 160 slalom out of shop.
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Thanks for all for help. After much deliberation I went with the Fischer Race SC in 160 with the Railflex2 and FX12 bindings.

Seems to be a very good ski at a very reasonable price. $400 for ski and binding and mounting.

I went 160 since it should be a little easier on me while using with my 3 year old daughter.

Thanks again for the help. See you on the slopes.
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