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Ski Question

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Hey everyone! This is my first post here on the forum so I am looking for everyones advice. I am currently skiing a Volkl 6 star in a 175cm length and I am looking for a ski that will compliment what I have right now. I was thinking about a Fischer RX8 in a 175cm, a Atomic Metron B5 in a 172cm, or an Atomic supercross B5 in a 174cm.
I am 6' 270lbs. I ski on the east coast so I need a ski that is awesome on hardpack and ice, much like my Volkls. I like to do all types of turn shapes but my favorites are short to medium turn shapes. I ski fast an aggressive. Moguls are fun for a couple of runs but it is not where I like to spend my day. My favorite runs are steep groomers!
Anyone have any ski suggestions?????
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Atown, I am a bit confused as to your meaning about a ski to complement your 6 Stars. It seems to me that all the mentioned skis are much in the same genre as the 6Stars that you already have, though, granted, some may do better in one area and some may do worse in another area. In other words, your choices seem to be more redundant to your 6Stars than complement. What properties and conditions are you looking for in a new ski that you are not getting in your existing 6 Star?
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I second what Josseph said, only the Metron is a bit different of the skis you mentioned.
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Yes, you've given us some skiis that are pretty close to what your 6 stars are. It sounds like you're looking for something in addition to your 6 stars, not as a replacement. In that case, and given how you like to ski, I would highly recommend looking into a slalom ski.

My recommendations would be one of:
Atomic SL:9 or SL:11 (tossup here, you're a big guy, so you might like the stiffer 11, but the 9 is much turnier - 11m vs. 14m) - probably 165 for the SL:11 and 170 for the SL:9
Rossi 9S Oversize in a 165
Head i.SL Chip in a 165

I know 165 probably seems kinda short given your size, but slalom skis ski short, and in anything but the SL:9 I doubt you'd really want to go any longer than a 165.

Try and demo some of these, I'm betting that based on how you like to ski (agressive, short-medium turns on eastern hardpack/ice), you'll really love these skis.
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what I meant was that I wanted another ski besides my 6 star. I want to have a little variety insted of just skiing the same pair of skis all the time. I love my 6 stars and I wanted anther pair of skis that would be similiar to them. I already have 50 days on 6 stars so I was looking for something to mix it up a little bit.
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Okay, thanks for clearing that up. In that case, have a look at my above post, I think you would really enjoy any of those skis.
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Here's the flip side of the coin: Why more of the same carving stuff? Sure a bit tighter turning, but then at 6' 270 lbs, do you really want all that torque? Trust me, at 250 lbs, I find it very tiring. I'd suggest something for when the east gets sloppy, that you can use it out west would be a great complement.

Eg. Elan 666 at 184. Rossignol B2 at 182, Salomon Xhot at 185, or Head iM75/85 chip.

Any of these skis will be significantly different and a welcome complement to the 6 star.

My guess is you'll prefer the 666 or the Head. Although the B2 and Xhot's are nice skiis too. I'd personally go for the 666 -- it's really just a question of length -- 184 for spring slop and some float on powder.

If you really want a wide ski with lots of float, then consider head madtrix mojo, Rossi B3, dynastar 8800. These will handle the west with ease, but IMO, will be limited to very sloppy spring conditions in the east.

Be sure to demo the skis when the conditions are right!

Good luck!
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The 6 star has a radius of 15.9m, the Metron B5 11m. The 6 star is 68mm under foot, the Metron is 76mm. These are very different skis.

Given your interest in steep groomers and small turns it sounds like you'd enjoy a true slalom ski as mentioned in the post above.
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thanks for the suggestion canukinstructor.... I think I am going to look into the sl9. I might try to find a deal on ebay, what about the Rossi 9S oversize in a 173?
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Yeah, I love steep groomers but like I said I also like to do a couple of mogul runs and ungroomed trails. I like to be challenged when I ski. I like the thought of a slalom ski but I also like the thought of a powder and crud ski. I am going to make my first trip out west next december for my honeymoon and it would be fun to have a wider ski out there.
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You've got your nimble skis. Now get some bomber planks for the days when you're just smoking deep, fluffy goodness.
I'm biased but man-o-man, ATOMIC R:EX's are a badass ride. I'm 6', 190 lbs. and I ride the 191's on marker 1200's standing in x-wave 10's, and it is my powder day set-up without hesitation. Plus if the conditions change the atomic's have just enough side cut and pop to get you through mogs, crud and pack. They absolutley MURDER the groomers. Plus they can be had for quite a reasonable price right now since they're a discontinued model.:

(dude, i need to lay of these friggin' smiley face icons. i just figured out how to use them and now I can't stop.
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Atown, you'll probably be happy with either the SL9 or the 9S Oversize. 170 would be a good size for the SL9, but 173 is probably a bit longer than you'd want with the 9S. Slalom skis do ski rather short, and if there were a length between 160 and 170 in the SL9 I would recommend that, even though you're a pretty big guy.

Try and get some demos, see what you like. Have fun!
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