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temperatures and waxes

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I have been waxing my own skis for about a year and have always used swix all purpose wax, and been very happy with it. Now that it is getting warmer and I am heading to Tahoe in about two weeks I was wondering just how much of a difference does the wax that is designated for that particular temperature matter? Is it worth getting the other wax or not?
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I have used Hertel Super Hot Sauce for over 20 years and it works from -45 to spring temps in the 60's. I don't race just enjoy a nice ride on the mountain. Never had a problem with the Super Hot Sauce.
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If it's really slushy, openning your structure will make more of a difference than wax. You can use either a riller bar, skivisions stone/tool or sand paper. After that wax with the warmest wax you have and maybe alternate with some Notwax.
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Which all purpose wax? There's Swix F4, and then they have two universal waxes for training, warm and cold, and then there is graphite warm and cold too. And maybe others... So which one have you been happy with?

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It is the universal wax for training, I don't race or anything but am an advanced skier who likes the trees
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