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Last year it was Tomba, saying Bode should not do the speed events. He could win a slug of SL and GS, just like Alberto did. Now Bode is World champion in both speed events. Phil Maher never skier a DH to win, just skied them well enough score some points, sort of what Phil says Bode should do in slalom. What these guys don't get is that Bode would not be content to be as good as Tomba, or as good as Phil Mahre, he wants to be better than they were. No one knows if he can do that, but he is going to try. It sure is fun to watch.
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He scares me. I expect him to crash because he looks so awkward but it works for him.

He seems so calm before the races.
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It's all a done deal: Bode just cinched the world cup!! At the end, he came through big in every race.

Tomorrow's slalom is now a non-issue. But, I'm sure Bode will still go for it, win or DNF.
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He is the man! And equally impressive is Herman Maier being in the top 4 after his leg almost came off in that motorcycle accident - amazing!

Go Bode!
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