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Help-USSA coaching questions

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What is the 100 (club) level clinic like?

Is it a hoop you have to pass through to take the 200 (state) level clinic, or is there a way to go directly to the 200? Experience maybe?

I get the feeling the 100 might be a little "basic", and the information that I need is in the 200. Saving the extra expense would also help.

On another tack...
I've been watching the USSA site for 2 years and have never seen a clinic offered in Oregon. It seems strange they don't use Timberline in the summer for coaches clinics.

Thanks in advance.
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Are you doing it for the cert or the information?

From the website:
"The Level 100 (Club) Certification Requirements went into effect July 1, 2004. All new and current “Club” coaches will need to have successfully completed the following courses to be a Level 100 (Club) Coach:
· Alpine Ski Fundamentals Course, on-snow Level 1, or on-snow Club Coach clinic
· Coaching Principles (ASEP) Course and exam
· First Aid/CPR Course
The requirements for the other levels will be phased in as curriculum for those levels is developed. Continuing education requirements for each level will ensure that all coaches remain current and up-to-date in the latest developments and advances in coaching their sport."

You might be able to attend a Level 200 clinic on a space available basis, but I don't think you'd receive education credit for it towards a Level 100 cert. There are the new Level 200 CD ROMS out that might give you what you need if you can't attend a clinic.

I enjoyed the Alpine Fundamentals clinic. It was a nice breakdown of the core principals of efficient skiing, and even though my early season clinic was hampered by the lack of available terrain, they worked hard to make it a positive learning experience for everyone. I still use the CD Rom and book from time to time. The progressions do work.

I think where they offer clinics depends on who they have certified and willing to teach them. You might bring it up with Finn.

On a side note, it's been 5 months and I still haven't heard if I passed my written exam for the clinic. A couple of the people from my clinic heard a couple weeks back, so I know my delay isn't unique- just a little frustrating. My license will expire before I get my cert.
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I had three coaches I tried to get into a Level 200 clinic. One was a former member of the Bulgarian Jr National team and a PSIA Level III. No go on him. The other is a Stratton grad and a friend of Finn Gunderson. Also no go. The third had done the old Level I in Rocky and worked for Team Breck and Team Summit before going inactive. She was allowed to renew and take the clinic.
Not likely Finn would give you a "pass".
I was quite surprised to see Finn at Tyrol Basin teaching this clinic. I get the feeling that the Coaches Association may be a one man show(Finn). Sarah said she has not recieved any of the CDs and other materials that were supposed to be part of the clinic last December. Sounds like this whole thing is a little shakey right now.
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I agree the whole thing is run pretty loose right now, and I think it's hurting the credibility of the certification. Between the clinic, the ASEP course, the CPR course and your license, you have to spend $500 just to get your Level 100 cert. That's great if your club picks up the tab, but kinda pricey if you're doing it on your own. I already had a CPR cert so I was able to skip that part, but the rest was all on me to pay for.

Hopefully Finn will clear up the whole progression for next season so everyone is on the same page.
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