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physics man--help!

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Hey physicsman,

I am directing this at you since you are close to my weight

I am an instructor at a resort in Utah. I have ordered the Atomic Big Daddy's for very deep fast huck-o-licious skiing.

I need 2 more pairs of skis.

the first pair, needs to be good for teaching on the entire mountain, making short turns, making long turns, skiing powder, skiing hard pack, everything...but it needs to have a snappy sl feel (what I like).

Im thinking the Fischer Sceneo 500.

the second pair needs to be a light and fat ski. I will be mountain some Fritschi Freeride bindings on them and getting some skins for them. They need to be light enough to tour on but definatly a bias towards downhill performance.

I was thinking the salomon pocket rockets. Thing is, I need the skis before Dec 10, and salomon is out of the PR's untill around dec 14. :{

Anything else thats light and fat? Are the XXX's light?

Actually, I dont know if getting the fattest boards is a good idea. I am new to touring (I did alot last year but used my regular skis with binding adaptars). This year I am taking many courses and at the end of the year I will be taking some guide certification courses. I need a ski thats good for randonee use. What size waist do you think is right?

My stats are:

210 lbs
6 foot 2 inches
PSIA level III
ski mostly in Utah and Canada w/ some trips to the alps.
moving to the alps next year and dont want to buy new skis next year.



others welcome to reply :}
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Go Stocklis SLR or SC for the teaching skis.
(ummm in case they are named diff there - the yellow & the silver in the 2001-2 series)

My instructor is 6'3" 100kg & he teaches on the SLR.
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AF –

Thanks for asking, but unfortunately, my recommendations can’t be all that specific since I’ve only been on the XXX’s (and that was a couple of years ago b4 they softened them up) and not the Sceneos or PR’s.

Anyway, re the Sceneo 500’s – TomB just posted a great review of them. A similar ski is the xp100’s, and I’m starting to see rave reviews of them from guys like FlipFlopFly. They have a very similar sidecut to the 500’s, and are pretty burly and stiff. FWIW, I bought a pair of the xp100’s over the summer for the exact same use that you, TomB & FFF described. I suspect either of these two models would be excellent for your intended use, but stay tuned -- I’ll post a review after I get a few days on my own pair.

Fortunately, I can make more definitive comments your light/fat ski choice for BC use. First, at our weight of 210 lbs, there is absolutely no way that I would personally consider (or recommend to others) the PR. Rather, I’d go with something stiffer (but still very light) like the 10ex. This is based on (a) the stiffness, (b) numerous comments I’ve personally heard, as well (c) a huge nr of threads on this subject over on www.powdermag.com, www.telemarktips.com, and descender.com ( http://pub5.ezboard.com/fdescenderchatdescendertalk ). I have heard nothing but rave reviews of the 10ex for BC touring.

With respect to the stiffness of the PR, the usual argument about it usually starts with someone saying that it is soft. Next, someone replies that while it’s soft, most of the softness is in the tip and tail, and that the mid section is actually reasonably stiff. Well, this is extremely easy to check, and I’ve done so. Just put a couple of 2x4’s a meter apart on the floor, put the skis you want to compare across them (centered), and stand on the unsupported mid-section. Doing this to the 10ex’s vs the PR’s, my conclusion is that the center of the PR’s is noticeably softer than the center of the 10ex’s, and g4's are stiffer than either of these by a large amount.

Personally, I skied a pr of 184 10ex’s last season (all on-piste, alpine mounted) and quite liked them. I was astonished how good they were in soft moguls. In deep snow (i.e., turning via the weight of the skier acting on the flex of the ski, and not turning via carving or skidding on the edges), the 10ex’s would turn on a dime. Unfortunately, the flip side of their personality is that when you combine that propensity to turn (at our weight) with their low swing weight, I felt the 10ex’s got buffeted around more than I liked in really difficult snow (ie, heavy, deep, cut up slop). I’m convinced that the PR’s would be even worse in this regard for guys like us.

My personal take on picking a ski for soft snow is that you can ski almost any ski (including 207 pencil skis) in nice deep consistent powder, but what really distinguishes one soft snow ski from another is their performance in difficult snow. Since ski weight wasn't a consideration for me, I preferred the heavier g4’s in such conditions, and as part of my grand ski switcheroo this summer, I have bought a pr of 188 g4’s, and will be selling my 184 10ex’s.

With respect to the XXX’s, I liked them a lot when I demo’ed a longish XXX a couple of years ago. However, my understanding is that they have softened them a lot since then, and when I hand flexed a pair in the store (185’s, I think), they did seem surprisingly soft, so I really haven’t thought much about them since then. There is a lot of discussion of the XXX's over on the gear section of powdermag.com (especially anecdotal reports about their supposed lack of durability), and I think the consensus is that all in all, the 10ex is a much better bet. Of course, there are now a lot of other semi-fat skis like the Bigs and Monsters out there, but you don't tend to hear quite as much about them, and many of them are pretty hefty, so in my book, they probably aren't in the running for BC work.

Finally, with respect to real fats, my fattest is a 95 mm Explosiv, and I just can’t say enough good things about it coming down a mtn -- I just wouldn't want to have to skin/carry it up the mountain.

Gotta run,

Tom / PM
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Yea, ive had stockli in the past. They just dont have the same snappy feel as Volkls. Im hoping the Fischers will be comparable to the Volkls since the Volkls are out.


Thanks for the reply. Is the 10x and the R:EX the same thing?

Maybe I can find some 10X's on ebay....

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oh yea, how much for the 10X's

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1) Yup, they are exactly the same.

2) I didn't really intend my reply to be an ad, but since you asked, see your private message box.

Tom / PM
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