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Boot heaters, are they worth it?

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My wifes feet are always cold. Are the heaters worth it? Is there any downside? Thanks for your guidance.
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Assume there is a good boot fit (a bad fit can cause pressure points thus cold feet), switch liners to Raichle Thermo flex liners, warmest things you can put her feet into.
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In a word, Yes.

I use the version for Custom insoles. Hotronic Plus I’ve had them three seasons now. I just skied all three days of –10F temps in NH. I skied at least 5 hours each day. I only took 4 quick pit stops for water, not more than 5 minutes. That's over 3 days. Two on Saturday and one each Sunday and Yesterday. I love my heaters.

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Yes, yes, absolutely yes. Take it from a woman who easily gets cold. I've had the Hotronic heaters since they first came out. I always had cold feet, so cold that I'd take my boots off after an hour and wrap my feet in a sweater, they were very close to frost bite. Now my feet get cold at the end of the day when I'm tired and hungry.
I was at Copper Mtn over the holidays and the temps were in the teens. Lots of people complained of cold feet but not me!
Sorry, I don't buy that if your boots fit well you won't have cold feet. My boots are an awesome fit but they're still cold without my heaters!
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I have never used them but I am considering it. On pages 62-64 of "The Athletic Skier" the author claims that for every
18 deg F that your feet cool, your balance performance decreases by 12%. Wow!

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I'm with Phil. I always had cold feet until I started skiing in Thermoflex liners; now I NEVER do. They are amazing (and amazingly comfortable, too). Someone in one of the other forums here had a bunch of pairs for sale; I bought a spare pair on line this fall for just $40.00! In general, look to fit first when dealing with cold feet- often it is a problem of restricted circulation... of course, some people just have cold feet...

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My Mother-in-law constantly had cold feet, we tried the Hotronics, but its the Thermoflex liners that keep her feet warm and me out of the doghouse.
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