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Stratton trip report

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Just returned from my first trip to Stratton. Enjoyed many of the runs off the URSA lift. Skied pretty much all the runs on the upper mountain but lack of steeper terrain left my wife and me wanting. We are not ones to ski the same runs over and over again. The snow and grooming were impecable as others had said. I was amazed at what was labeled a blue/black run. Stratton definetly ski's down one level (blacks ski like blues and blues are closer to greens). The base area was something to see - total commercialization. I will probrably not return anytime soon.
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Don't forget the ridiculous lift ticket price. On the weekends at least.

They do have a pretty good midweek ski and stay deal though.
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Did you get into the woods at all? I find the "typical" Stratton skier is not that interested in the ungroomed stuff between the trees. You can generally lose the crowds, except for the kids who bomb through. I agree that most of the trails have a sort of homogenized feeling. Were you there midweek? Sometimes the crowds on weekends can be unnerving.
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We visited midweek and crowds were not an issue. We did try one glade called "Emerald forest" that was suggested by a member. My wife is not much for the trees so that was the only one. A beginners glade that was pretty chopped up, but fun. Any suggestions for family skiing in Vermont. I have two kids 4 and 9 who are pretty much beginners.
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