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Where to go in mid-April

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I want to get one last ski trip in. I'm going to miss the next 2 weekends because I'm on a business trip, which isn't going to leave me with too many days left in VT before my rental is done. Which places out West will be open after April 10 which are likely to have decent conditions? I went to Whistler in late April last year, and it was fine up top. However, with the year the PNW is having, I doubt that will be a good option. Any suggestions?
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Despite you are just considering going west also contemplate heading east over the pond - Northern and Eastern Alps have epic conditions right now with a huge base to last for quite a while.
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My favorite place to spring ski is Mamoth in Calif. Start at Dave's Run and follow the snow. All the storms up have seen in So. California=snow there.

Second choice would be Lake Tahoe area. Also great spring skiing and there is plenty of snow, I was there last weekend. Squaw, Alpine Meadows, Sugar Bowl and Kirkwood all are great. You should get easy flights to Reno and should get good deals on rooms.
Good luck!
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Best in the west...for now

15 foot base in the west right now, Squaw and Mammoth are my top choices for US, been skiing squaw last few days, spring conditions. St Anton Austria has been getting snow and has a ten foot base up top.
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