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boot question

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so I was clunking around in my ski boots last night, much to the amusement of my room mate...apparently they looked funny with my jammies..

Anyway, I noticed the plastic base of the boot on the inside was loose and moved around when I walked. I clipped it back in when I was changing my footbeds but when I put the liner back in it simply fell out of place.

So am I missing something here? Should this me fixed to the boot? Should I glue it in place or use some handy duct tape ?

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Hi Jane,

You didn't tell us what kind of boots but I suspect you are talking about the footboard that runs the length of your boot under your liner. I think almost all boots have these and they are rarely attached other then a pin to keep them from sliding too much. They do move a little. If it really bothers you a little duct tape will keep them from falling out when you pull the liners out but they should be fine.
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Thanks DChan I was just curious as I didn't notice any such movement on other boots I've had. I figured duct tape was going to be the solution but thought I'd check with all you experts out there.

oh and they're Head boots, not sure the exact model, I'd have to check tonight.


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Jane, Most boot shells fit two different sizes, such as 28 and 28.5 being the same size boot shell, different liners and footbeds make up the difference for the foot size.The plastic footbed will be loose but shouldn't move with your foot in the boot if fitted properly. I pull mine sometimes to dry the boot completely, keeps them from getting funky smelling. And, I bet even with ski boots on, you don't look funny in jammies.
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If the boots are more than two seasons old, it might not be a bad idea to have the fit and your alignment checked out by a professional boot fitter.
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