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Clif Taylor: 1921 - 2005

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Some people here might know Clif Taylor, so I thought I'd pass this along.

Clif passed away on Sunday. It made the front page of today's Summit Daily:

Linda Simmons summed it up yesterday:

The ski world will mourn the passing of a legend. Clif Taylor was the creator or the Graduated Length Method of skiing, member and recipient of the Purple Heart in the 10th Mountain Division during WWII, and author of many books teaching skiing. Voted into The International Ski Hall of Fame, The Colorado Ski Hall of Fame, and the Connecticut Ski Hall of Fame. Up to his dying day he was still active in writing articles and giving advice on how to make skiing fun. You may see his history in the lobby of the Condo named after him, Taylor's Crossing.

Clif was a Real Estate salesperson with Copper Mountain Real Estate for at least 12 years. He was more than just a ski legend to the Real Estate and Resort Development employees, but was loved and respected by all who ever met or worked with him. Clif's philosophy on life was The Three "C's Theory": Never Condemn, Criticize, or Complain. He followed those three "C's" and passed them along to all who came in contact with him.

His sense of humor, love for people, and positive attitude will be missed by all who knew him, but the skiing world will miss a gentleman who all he wanted to do in life was teach people to love the sport by making it easy.

Clif loved Copper Mountain Resort. He said of his work and life here, "It's the best vacation he ever had".

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As a GLM kid I say thank you, Mr. Taylor.
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We knew Cliff when he brought a truck load of skis to our area in the 1960s and we did the 'twist' on shorties, no edging, but direction change nevertheless. It was fun for a while. Sorry to hear he died, as so many of the greats of his (mine) generation.

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