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Jiminy Peak question(s)?

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Hi all,
I was going to try Jiminy Peak this weekend (Sat) with my family and friends, just for a change of pace. Do you guys have any comments on the place....crowds, family oriented, easy terrain, difficult terrain, restaurants, snow conditions, etc.. Anything would be helpful, I have never skied the Berkshires. Thanks in advance.
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I kind of like it. Jiminy has some pretty steep straight down the fall line runs along with plenty of blue cruisers. I like the terrain park all the way over on the right side of the hill too. Their 6-pack lift swallows up lines pretty fast. And finally, I like their ticketing by the hour policy.

Can get crowded though.
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College clientele


I haven't skied at Jiminy, but I know that it has a strong college clientele. My kid goes to Williams College, which is only about 11 miles away, and Williams students can buy a season's pass for, I think, $154. My son is a decent intermediate skier and finds it to be a very enjoyable hill for him. It has decent vertical, I think about 1100', and, as another post says, has a couple of fairly demanding trails on the face.
Hope this helps.

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Terrain: Jericho is a fun steep run. Has a double diamond to keep crowds away but is a straight shot, not terribly challenging, just FUN.

Lines: Use the singles line on the six-pack lift, you'll get a lot more runs in. If the six is overwhelmed - which I doubt it will be in March - there's a much slower quad that goes up the next run over - I think it's called Whitetail.

Check - "skiing image galleries" -- for a bunch of good photo albums that will give you a good sense of what to expect at Jiminy.

Also last year Jiminy offered significant discounts in March if you showed season pass from elsewhere. I think they gave $25 8-hr tickets or something like that. Might want to check their web site to see if any March deals now.

Enjoy. I had a couple of great days last March at Jiminy. It's nice they don't shut lifts down at 4:00 like most other places - you'll still have a lot of natural light then.
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Also - restaurants get kind of crowded - best to eat early or late. There's a restaurant up on top of the hill where the six unloads with a really nice view. There are turf wars over the tables in lower lodge with non-skiers camped out all day, vs. skiers looking for lunch tables. Upper can crowd up too, but there's turnover.
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I'll be their tomorrow morning, 8:15. Powder day!

ts said it well. The (skiers) right side has 4 semi steep trails. Even on crowded days people tend to stick to the easier trails. The six pack has a singles line but you should evaluate which is faster. The quad (Q4) is real slow but is all vertical - no flat. Worth a try is you get frustrated.

The newer lodge is the nicer lodge. I go to the upper lodge.

If you are up for dinner after, try Hobson's Choice in Williamstown. Real easy to find. Go North on 43, at 5 corners go straight, it's on left about 5 miles (e) or so. If you pass Mt Goat you went too far - half a block. Skier-chef owned. Tell em Buzz sent you.
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Lottsa fun.
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Powder day at Jiminy??? One thing about Jiminy is that they are grooming Nazis (most of their clientele appreciates this)-but they'll have that place groomed flat by 9:00am. Oh well, they're really nice grommers...
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Thanks guys, appreciate the input. I was worried about the crowds but it sound like they stick to to blues and greens. Thats good news. Paul could you give us a short note about your visit? Thanks again all.
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any tree skiing at Jiminy?

live pretty close by, never been though -- figured it was always worth it to drive an extra half hour up to vermont...
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It will be quite crowded. Should be fun though.
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Originally Posted by ts01
Check - "skiing image galleries" -- for a bunch of good photo albums that will give you a good sense of what to expect at Jiminy.
Awesome advice! Seriously, though, Jiminy is pretty much my home mountain and I have a number of albums from various visits this season and last:

12/11/2004 (PM)

Personally, I haven't been since early January, but I suspect the conditions will be great. Check out our recent forum member Jiminy trip reports here. Here are my suggestions:

Start early on the Berkshire Express and once at the summit, do a skier's left to right attack on the runs. Start on West Way/Grand Slam, then the Foxes, then Gulch/Riptide and then North Glade. If you're up for Liftline (steep ungroomed natural run), hit that. Then work over to mid-mountain and do Whirlaway. By that point the six will probably start to back up, so hit the Q1 quad to do Whitetail, Jericho and Wild Turkey. Then maybe hit a run or two off the Widow Whites quad. By this point, it should be pushing 11:30 so head over to Christiansen's Tavern for lunch (round building near where the triple loads). After lunch, many others will be eating so you should be able to take the six back up without much of a wait. If the line is long, you can ride the triple (slow). After 1:30 PM the crowds should thin out a bit. I don't usually ski there on Saturdays, but this approach works well on Sundays.

Cutter should have bumps and skier's right of the front steeps are usually allowed to bump up. Look for manmade bumps on Grand Slam. One note about the six - even if the line looks long, it's never usually more than a 6-8 minute wait with 5 minutes to the top, so it's not bad. Have fun. Hope this helps.
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Jiminy is pretty popular with Northeast racing culture..and for good reason-lot's of fall line, relatively steep, but well-maintained groomers. Also, they seem to allow very fast skiing without complaint or warning-I admit that the fastest in bounds I've ever been on skis is at Jiminy-and my friends who ski there all the time constantly stay about a hair above mach 2. If you ride that widow white's triple (on white tail) just try to keep running white tail/jericho and wild turkey faster and gets addictive and I can't think of too many other resorts where you can indulge the speed crave (in such a safe atmosphere, that is) like this.
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Originally Posted by Liam
If you ride that widow white's triple (on white tail)....
Not to nitpick, but that's the Q1 Quad on Whitetail. The Widow White's Quad services Widow White's Peak.
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Speed comes out at Jiminy. Even for me, I don't usually ski as fast as some of the people I ski with. One of the guys I ski with tucked Jerico. He is really not that great a skier, but he's good at going straight. Actually he does it often.

On the right day its fun to hit the drops at full speed and see how close to the bottom of the steep you can come. That's the kind of air you don't normally get to experience - speed plus distance. That's a good time. Hangin out with your ski buddies.

I went out this morning - wind blown and frikin cold/windy. It was good though! Took a surprise high speed fall that was unpleasant. Both skis off and down on the helmet - not used to the new boots!
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Hummmmm....Your comments concern me a little about Jiminy being a speed freak heaven. If it was only me, no problem. But...I will have a 6 year old who is just starting blacks. I am not against speed, under control speed that is. I do it all the time. But...I will have a 6 yr old on the blues and blacks for the day. So.....if Jiminy generally does not care about "speeders" then can I expect a hinger than normal density of people who are out of control?

Don't mean to sound like a worry wart but just want to get an idea?
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Just hang back behind your kid to set up a block. Don't worry to much about it. I haven't noticed that people speed at Jiminy significantly more than any other mountain...
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arrive early, be first lift up, bus trip early, ski thru lunch...nice hill no worries....
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yes-the q1 my mistake.

My 5 year old has been tagged at jiminy...on a green trail by a snowboarder (at night). Nice thing about the blacks-a lot of the speed freaks are coming out of a race tradition and ski well and in control. The main reason to get on the Blacks is fewer boarders and bad skiers (the Bad skiers are forced to slow down and the good ones-well, they're good) In fact-jiminy has (I have no proof of this-just observation over the years) some of the best skiers on average for a small eastern resort-I see a lot of good technique when I'm skiing there).

Also-I'm always yelling at folks to slow down (especially with my boy) on the greens and the low level blues-but honestly, I think I'd be out of line telling people on blacks to slow down..that's their terrain (and not my learning son's) after all.

Finally-White Tail may be the most speed conducive trail in the east!
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