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Custom liners?

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I did a search but could'nt find all the info I need. First off, I have around 200 days on the stock liners and want to replace them, the shells should still be good right? I want liners that are warm, comfortable, take up some volume and it would'nt hurt if they were a little stiffer than stock. What should I be looking at? Conformables, zipfits, intuitions?
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I am totally sold on Intuition liners. I've used them for years. PM me if you need some info on them.
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I second U.P. Racer; Intuition's work wonderfully. They also have varying densities, so you can get a firmer "race" fit, if you want it. They're comfortable, light, warm and the fit is fabulous!

Just be sure they're applied by a good fitter. It's a bit of an art to apply them correctly.
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So does anyone know where I can get them in the SLC area?
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call Intuition at 604-879-9231 for a local distributor. Their web site is www.intuitionsports.com
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Thanks for all the info guys, I think I'm sold on the intuitions.
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The Sports Den on Foothill Drive in SLC has the latest Intuition Custom Power Wrap model. They're expensive at $180, but that includes fitting by an experienced guy. I got some a formed to my Kryptons a couple weeks ago by JJ and he did a great job.
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Hmmm.... I actually know JJ, friend of a friend, I'll call and see if he can hook me.
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