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06 Head Monster i.m 77 Chip w/Rail flex

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Fairly new here and wanted to offer some thoughts on the new Head monster 77 i.m chip. I did a lot of research on this and several other sights. Narrowed my search for a new ski to about 5 pairs. I am 47, high 7 low 8 ability, 5' 11" and about 195#. I skied 20-75 days a year for several years and have not had much opportunity to ski the last 3-4 years. Mostly ski in Tahoe area. I did not demo, I know bad, bad, bad. Wanted to ski on something new this year and there are plenty of good deals. I have mostly GS skis and old still good traditional Volkls, but wanted to update and not have to work as hard. I contacted Dawgwatcher after seeing some of his ads here. Discribed my skiing and asked what else he had and he recommended the monster 77 in 170cm ( skied on 200cm sl and 207gs in the old days). So I orderd a pair, prompt shipping, bindings mounted and waxed.

I skied 3 days this last weekend on them. Conditions were hard pack gromed in the morning. Chopped up 2-3 day old powder turning to bumps on north facing slopes and heavy, sticky snow late afternoon. It took me a few runs to find the sweet spot. They are very nice carving ski, easy to go from short, med and long radius turns. Very stable at any speed and if you have the guts they will plow through anything, takes a little getting used to. My only concern was I pushed them at LR high speed turns, they felt like a car with a rev limiter. I wanted more speed but just not there, I want to check next time after getting good wax on them. Understand I was not passed on a groomed run, so they go plenty fast for freeskiing at most resorts. At speed they did not have a lot of snap coming out of the turn. Change to short or med turns and they gave a nice boost when finishing the turn. When carving they held very well I would catch a glance of the tip flopping around but did not feel it up through the ski. Later in the afternoon I was able to tame them down and they skied wonderful and not very demanding. This was the first ski I actually was able to get the feel of skiing two footed, but still skied well with old style weighting the downhill ski.

Where the excelled was in the cut powder, crud, heavy wet/sticky snow. Strange to push them where normally I would have had trouble. Any thing I could aim them at they went through and did not deflect, simply amazing. They were very quick in the soft bumps and the steeps. They do have an eject button if you get to far back in the steeps, as I found out. I started aiming right at the bumps and would get a pop off the top, rotate the knees in air and the would carve as soon as they touched great fun.

The short of this is the 77's are a great west coast ski. I was not able to try them in powder or on ice ( confident they will be great in powder). Very stable and super edge grip in the steeps as well as on the groomers. If you are aggressive and point them where you want them to go they will get you there. I had a lot of fun on these and was not nearly as tired. If you are looking for new skis check out some Head's.
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much more impressive than I expected

I'll echo a lot of what you said. I was much more impressed with the M77 on groomed and then slushy slopes than I expected. I did find that, for me at least, the ski didn't really come alive until I moved the binding into the +15 location. Much better ski feel, much better turn initiation.
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Just to throw my two cents in here on the M77's capabiliity on ice.

Just got back from Vail and had the opportunity to ski some real blue ice runs on Thursday. I normally would have slipped and slid and just found a way down runs this icy. With the Monsters I just carved my way down the slope, WOW!

I've never had a ski that did so well on ice and I echo the other comments on it's ability to cut through all kinds of crud. Seemed to do really well with what little powder I could find.

I'm not sure how fast they are since they seemed so stable at speed I may have been going faster than it really felt. I'll be interested to see other's comments about this ski's speed capability as I won't have a chance to compare them to my buddy's skis until next season.

Overall, I'm glad I bought them and would highly recommend them to others who only have 1 pair of skis.

Thanks Dawgcatching.
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