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Confused..Atomic B:5 Vs. M:EX length

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Using the charts and the Metorn index for each ski, I have thoroughly confused myself.

To start, I am an advanced skier, 5'11" and 200 pounds. Most of my runs are in Colorado at Vail, Copper and Breck (occasionally at Mary Jane with buddies). Ski about 70/30 off-piste to on-piste. 90% lift access, 10% hike to your turns stuff. I own the Atomic M:EX in 165 and love them for the backside, versatility and stability at speed. I am a bit enamored with the idea of getting some B:5's as a complement, but now am entirely confused on the length issue.

I went with the M:EX at 165 based on the charts and I am happy with that decision. With that said, it seems the charts put me at a 172 for the B5's. This appears to be a much maligned length based upon all of my "research" on the many threads out there. I feel like the guy in the commercial...somebody please help me.....Thanks for your thougths.
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With the new b-5 technology, a 162 might be in order. If your are happy with the M-ex in a 165, I doubt you want to move up to 172 in the B-5. Of course if possible, you can always demo. Good luck.
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Thanks. I will definitely demo. Just very surprised to see the index on the back of the skis much higher on the M:ex than the B:5. Thanks for your reply.
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I'm 165lbs and ski the 162. If you manage to demo them both let us know what you think.
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I am 195lbs, expert, I ski a B5 in a 162 and love it.
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I own both the M:EX and B:5. I'm 205 lbs, and level 8/9. I got the M:EX's in 175 and find them perfect for BC and heavy, wet PNW snow.

I got the B:5's in 172, and also love those. I never demo'd the 162's (not available), but I'm sure they would also have been excellent.

Your preference in turn radius is also a factor. Thicker, more abundant snow in the west usually favors longer-radius turns. Also, how much do you like speed?

If you liked the M:EX in 165cm, you'd probably want the B:5's in 162. I've read comments from a good number of experts and level III instructors on this forum at your weight who are delighted with their 162's.

However, there's also lots at our weight who chose the 172's. I proffered this question, just as you have, several weeks ago when I was about to buy my B:5's, and most respondents at our weight chose the 172's over the 162's.

The only real answer is to demo both, of course.
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