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Skis you've seen the most so far

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for me, same as last year...

the Pocket Rockets. they're everywhere. last year and the first few days of this, they are easily the skis i've seen the most. (it IS a nice shade of blue.)
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Been seeing a lot of lower end elans and high end blizzards in Wisconsin. I think its becasue those are the brand the most popular local ski chain (laacke and joys) pushes. What I see a TON of though are Salomon Performa 5.0s. Every other person on the hill has them- and they aren't my home hill's rental boots.
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seth pistols seem to be popping up at my mountain... Maybe is beacause They're just so noticable But I think I saw probably 7 or 8 pair last saturday
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Overall, I'd have to say the Atomic 9'20 from about 2 or 3 seasons ago. The one right before that "golfball" topsheet. Actually, at the ski swap at my mtn this year, they had a whole section designated to used 9'20's.

It's a sick ski though, I own a pair.
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I see lots of Rossi T-Power 9S from a couple of years ago, before they got the massive sidecut. I also see lots of Bandits.
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Here, in Ontario you tend to see a mixture of everything. Typically each hill has it brand that most people are on.

Typically, I personally have seen a lot of Atomic 9.18 or now the C9, Various Rossi's.

Salomons tend to be growing. Everyone is now on the Crossmax 10, forgetting it is suppose to be a Skier Cross ski.

Ontario seems to be bad for race skis, everyone thinks they need to be on a race ski. Most people tend to buy skis by their balls (sorry ladies). The same goes for boots.

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As for what skis I seen most this season, are the ones attached to my boots. I love my skis and spend all my lift line time looking at them.

I even have been known to look at them while I'm skiing, but I have found that when I do that I end up with my face in the snow.

At Okemo, there are a lot of 5 stars. I have been noticing the people with 6 star's, so far I have only seen about two people that can realy ski that ski. One is a PSIA III. Saw a level 5 skier on them about three weeks ago. He was good for a few laugh's.

There has always been a lot of X-Screams around along with Last years Cross Max. Volkl's and Atomic's are popular too.

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The skis I see the most are the Banditts I and II, followed by those yellow Salomon X screams. The other thing I have noticed is that there are still a lot of skiers on old strieght skis and rear entry boots.
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Rossi CUT something.something

Hmmm. No T-Power Vipers in Ontario? Every ski instructor, pseudo-racer, mountain host, patroller, anything, was on them not 2 years ago in Quebec. Wot gives? Did they all break like HeluvaSkier's did?

Originally posted by Utah49:
The other thing I have noticed is that there are still a lot of skiers on old strieght skis and rear entry boots.
I can personally attest to 2 cases of folks (of a certain age) with hard-to-fit-feet and edge engagement troubles that absolutely _REFUSE_ to look at overlap or shaped sidecut. The slipper feel, ya know?
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At Mammoth last weekend, it had to be K2 XP's. They were multiplying like rabbits!

I have to agree with Duke and day that the Pistols are more plentiful as well. I even had my 189's out in the pow.
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Had 2 feet of Pow last week-end here(PNW) and saw Pocket Rockets
everywhere!! I even had em on my feet!
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Lots and Lots and Lots of low end heads and elans, but this is probably because about 3/4 of the people skiing were tourists on bad rentals. As for decient skis, probably the Salomon 1080. There's a big group of park rats at the local hill and they're ALWAYS together.
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All I see at WAWA is Rossi Bandits, some Xscreams and a lot of Volkls. (ignoring the obvious rental and low end department store stuff.)

I don't see anyone using this years Blizzards, like my gorgeous Sigma 7FXP TIs, which I guess is just because they don't do a lot of advertising. I love these things, they are excellent recreational skis. Carving, through crud, ice, frozen granular is so much easier on these sweet skis... and the price much more right than the Volkls.

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I've been seeing a LOT of Volkls on the hill. I'm not that familiar with their line, but I've recognized the 5 stars.

Lots of B1 and B2's, Rossi's marketing them quite well.

K2 Axis series, and Escape series galore.

And of course, assorted Sollies, probably one of four skiers is on some form of Salomon.

Not very many Blizzards or Elan, though Elan is starting to catch on. I think the Mantis models are really great skis.

No one's running Nordicas either.
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Its still rock ski season at Bridger so you see a lot of the classics from yesteryear including Salomon X-Mountains, Atomic 9.22, Volkl G30/G31, K2 Mod X......
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So far this year, I've been to Killington twice, Sunday River and Loon. No question, the Volkl t50 5 star and the 6 star. More the 5 star though. By the way, I just got back from Killington for 2 fun weekdays of skiing. For those that may want to know, the conditions were great.
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Hey MC
I had a friend that demo-ed the 6 star yesterday. He is 6'4 and 245 and tried the 175 length. He loved them but at super fast high speed GS turns, he felt the edges giving out on him a bit. He loved them in the moguls. He was going to try the next length up today. I would say he is a level 9+ skier.

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