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Mount Position For Legend 8800

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Has anyone been able to verify whether Dynastar is changing the mounting point for the Legend 8800. I just got a pair of 178cm and would like to find out if an improved mounting position is being implemented for next year before I have mine mounted with Rossi Axial 120 (Look P12 Lifter) bindings. I plan to use them for powder days in the Colorado front range where I ski a mixture of different terrain. I found a thread on TGR but it was for the Legend Pro.
The 8800s do not appear to have a boot center mark anyway. How is the correct position determined? Thanks in advance.
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If these are going to be your pow skis, I'd consider mounting them back a bit (1/2 to 1cm maybe?). I bought the same and found that the tips dive pretty bad in the deep stuff. I also didn't take to the overall way they ski (on anything) so I ripped the bindings off and bought a pair of Chubbs (which I love). I've heard that lowering the ramp angle works better - perhaps you should try that too (via shims under the binding toe piece). Maybe go back 1/2cm and then trial and error with ramp angle. Just my 2cents - mine have a center line on them - and I would've sold 'em to you for cheap!!
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Based on the local shops advise and feedback from some others, I mounted my 8800's 1cm back. I haven't skied them yet in deep snow so I can't say how that will work out. I've skied them on hardpack, in about 10 inches of wet snow and it seems to be okay at least in those conditions. We'll see...
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I am still undecided. Two shops out here in Boulder both recommended the default mounting position. They said that even though I am using these only on powder days (>5 inches) that since I ski trees and bumps on powder days as well as open terrain that I would get better all around performance with the factory default position. I am 5' 11" and weigh 165lbs so the 178cm 8800s seemed like the right size also. I found my everyday 172cm 8000s floated ok with the default mounting position if that makes any difference but I did not ski them in snow deeper than 6". I did find the center mark by the way. It was hard to see under the plastic wrap. Any further discussion or opinions are welcome.
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Next year's 8800's will have a mounting position 1.5cm back as verified by the Dynastar rep where I live. I had the shop mount mine 1cm back, they have been doing that for all pairs and have received positive feedback. I didn't get out last weekend so i haven't tried mine yet, but the pair I demoed were mounted at default and I found the tips dived when I was charging in choppy snow. Thinking I should've asked for 2-3cm back but I was worried about screwing up the way it skis. The advantage of the more center position on 8800's is you can kick the tails out in tight spots (trees/moguls) and they feel a bit shorter and probably hold turns longer. I am 5'10 185 and bought the 188 because my 177 XX's feel way too short and unstable when I go fast.
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Just don't go too far back because the center line is at the center of the sidecut - I'm no expert but I hear wierd things can happen if you go too far back from the center of the sidecut. This is why I mentioned going back only 1/2 to 1 cm and then playing with your ramp angle. Your ski shop should have shims that can go under the toe peice - I've heard reducing ramp angle even as little as 1/16 of an inch can exponentially improve float - unfortunately it'll be a trial an error thing. Don't take this as gospel though - I just read this in a book called 'The All-Mountain Skier' (or something to that effect).

The 8000's sidecut center is about 2cm behind the 8800's - I would guess it skis much better...

Anyone wanna buy a pair of 8800's - hardly used - cheap!!

fwiw - when I hit the deep and it was really steep, riding those long tails was fun - the problem for me was when it's not so steep!!
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Question to all that have posted on this thread.

I see a few mounted their binding 0.5 - 1.5 CM back from 05 8800 default mounting postions.

Any feed back after skiing deeper snow & Hard pack on the pro's and con's of this.

As I understand the 06 has the default mounting postion slightly further back. Likely this is to ensure a postive experiance in powder for those that purchased.

I see this as a insurance policy for Dynastar so that in-experianced powder riders will have lots of tip lift. However this does not mean it is the right way to go. A good powder skier should be able to overcome this with proper body positioning.

I see some poor effects of rearward mounting on hardpack and steep conditions.

Need feedback as I am mounting my bindings this week.

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