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Lange LF vs MF

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Does anyone know the width difference between the Lange LF and MF models (or volume dimension difference in general)?

I have the comp 130 in 9.0 now and will be going down a 1/2 size to 8.5. The boot fitter suggested that I might wish to consider the MF fit if I move down. The new custom footbeds, he said, may take up too much volume.

My issue is a right foot that is thin (bottome to top) yet wide. I buckle out over the toes even with the cork foot bed and a 0.100 plastic shim under the liner. The left foot is heaven at size 9.0.

I had tried the left foot in a comp 120 LF 8.5 without the custom bed in and it was still wearable. The left foot is slightly longer than the right.

Any input would be appreciated.
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I was in a similar situation and all the advice I got from good bootfitters said "when in doubt go slightly smaller". The feedback I got is that it is much easier to work with a boot that is a little too small than one that is too big.

FYI: My street shoe is a 9 to 9.5 and I am in a size 7.5 Diablo Race. I had only went down one size in my previous boot and it became a major battle to keep it tight as the boot aged.
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the LF is 5% smaller in overall volume, FWIW i can wear a 7.5 LF 120 with no shell work at all. I can wear a 6.5 MF with a little shell work. I cannot wear a 6.5 LF for more than a run with out crying like a baby...
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I would never buy a boot with MORE volume just because there is ONE problem with ONE foot only.
Before doing so try LF and discuss shell modification (grinding could do). Try shell sizing both LF and MF.
As has been said, the volume difference is 5% but I never heard any specifications.
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