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It had not snowed in 4/5 days and the weather in the Bay area was in the high 60s all week and the week of March 7th the temps are supposed to climb to high 50's in Tahoe!! So, decided to do a quick day trip to Kirkwood for might be the last good day in tahoe. Left at 445am from the Bay Area.

The drive to Kirkwood is very painful. You need to drive for 2 hours on a two-lane highway (88). in addition the central valley was fogged in. I got stuck behind a slow moving truck several times. I reached at 845am. same amount of time it would have taken me to get to squaw.

Parking close to the lifts costs 20 bucks. that sucks. But i was in a hurry so i coughed up. 9am - i was on Cornice express. By 10am the line at cornice express was 15 deep. It turns out the Cornice is the only express lift on this mountain. so i moved to The Wall. Spent the rest of the morning on the wall.

Here's the good part - the snow conditions were awesome. considering that it hadn't snowed in a few days - the snow was nice and soft. Dare I say - almost Utah-esque. I found tons of ankle deep powder stashes - between the wall and sentinel - all morning. The terrain is very interesting - some nice steep groomers, nice off piste, nice chutes. I had a great time.

Ski-ed till about 1pm. Headed back. Needed to get back by 5pm for daughters dance performance. Made it right on time.

What a day.

- Marty