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Dynastar max 9?

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This is my first year skiing. I have about 12 days and 3 lessons under my belt. I am looking to buying a pair of Dynastar max 9. I think they are a few years old but they are still in wrapper and I can get a great deal($120). What do you think of these? I am big @ 6'4" 255lbs. I think they are 186cm length. Thanks much!
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any help?
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Not sure , but I think they are 6 years old or older. As I Remember the Max Zero was the top of the line of thier carvers then max 1 and 2 and 3 were further down the line , we did not carry the max 9 , but it sounds way down the totum pole and your wieght would be alittle much if you are a intermediate or above.
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I found some info. Looks to be a 2000 model. Gold medal winner for what that means. Link below. Think they are worth $129?
web page
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12 days on snow. This may be to much ski for you. Be honest with the ski shop you're dealing with, tell them you have only skied 12 days, they may be able to recommend a good lower level ski for you to improve your ability on. Do not buy more ski then you can handle. Talk to someone in the ski school where you took your lessons, they may be able to tell you which lower end skis you may want to look at. If you get the proper tools you will improve faster.
Just remember "the better you get, the more fun this becomes". I ski alot and I'm still getting better.
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The max 9 was a replacement for the max 0 in 2000. Just sold a pair of Max zeros. The waist is pretty narrow at 63mm and strictly a harder snow carver. Poor in crud in my opinion. Pretty soft flex and an intermediate should be fine on them despite Dynastars claim they were an expert ski. 14mm 2 piece lifter on the max zero. My observations are for the max zero.

Don't know if you found this but here: Max Zero
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