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WTB Liners

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Looking to buy 27.5 liners for Salomon X-Wave 8 boots. Actually only need the left one.

If you have any or know where I can get liners, please respond by PM or email.


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You might try Bud at Snowind sports in Reno:


I know he deals a lot in aftermarket liners (and there are lots of them around his store). Not sure if he'd have the exact ones the came with your boots, but he'd likely have something that would work.
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real email is

daveandb@telusplanet net

I have some 1080 liners for $50 shipped new
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Anyone have Lange Comp 120 liners?

Anyone have Lange Comp 120 LF liners for a 27.5 boot?

The liner exterior is blue and black and the insides are reddish-orange. New ones have a white mfr tag on the front reading "9-9.5" which I assume is US shoe size. I need both left and right. Thanks, Gordo
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