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Here's one I would like some feedback on. My ski boots (Rossi Power 70 with the thermo liner) fit perfectly. I could wear them all day..which I do..and have no pain. They fit well and I have been very satisfied with them. Normally, after skiing, my liners are damp so I pull them and let them dry until the next day. However, I skied all day last Saturday in warm sunny conditions. Truely spring sking. That evening I notiticed some itching and abrasion on BOTH ankles just above the ankle bone. Sunday morning I had several water blisters around my ankles. They are nothing serious but as they heal they are driving me crazy itching. I have always worn a thin over the calf black wool sock...actually it is a wool dress sock...but since I dont like thick socks it seemed to fit perfectly. I've never had this problem before. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what you did about it. I'm thinking maybe my feet just got too hot, sweated, and wet socks caused the blisters. It is important to emphasize these are not abrasion type blisters like one would get when you have an ill fitting shoe. Maybe the answer is a poly sock? Any comments.
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Go to your doctor and ask for a prescription for aluminium chloride solution (active ingredient in most of the antiperspirants). Apply to your feet at night three nights in a row. Repeat treatment once each week. You feet will be dry and blisters will be minimized.
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