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All Good Things...

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..must come to an end. Well, I finally had my first sled ride yesterday. It was the end of the day. I had just finished a reasonably good run down Hallelujah, I thought that one bump run at the end of the day would be a good idea. NOT!

Wiped out big time, binding did not release. When I tried to stand up, the knee buckled under me. Ski patrol took me down to Copper medical clinic. Gee, if I had not been in so much pain, the sled ride would have been fun. Since you can't see what's going on, you get real tuned in to how the patroller is turning. I was trying to figure out what kind of turn shapes he was making.:

Anyway, the docs think its an MCL tear, along with a meniscus tear, along with an ACL tear. Need to go for an MRI this week, and it's probably going to mean the big "S."

I may be in lurker mode for awhile, but please keep telling your ski stories so I can live vicariously through the rest of you.

I guess I messed up my new life, big time.:
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Sorry to hear about that. The bumps at the bottom of Hallelujah can be (and usually are) ugly. And the run out isn't much fun either.
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Thanks! That's the problem. I did fine on Hallelujah. It was a dumbass blue bump run that got the best of me. Can you say moron??:
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Sorry to hear that Lisa. Since you're a person who makes a living running fitness classes, this obviously affects more than just your skiing. All you can do is hang in there and work hard at recovering. I wish you luck in that regard.

You know the old saying "What doesn't kill you will make you stronger". Good luck!!
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Sorry to hear that. The silver lining is the perceived credibility in the knee rehab department.
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Lisa! I am so sorry to hear this -- as folks mentioned, it's the double-ow of end of skiing season, plus interfering with your teaching. Sending many thoughts of quick recovery your way.
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hope your ligaments are not totally torn and you can go through PT and ski with a knee brace!!
i just got a don joy brace and am back to skiing with one weekend off waiting for insurance to pay for it!!
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For what it's worth, I tore the MCL and meniscus (not the ACL) and was able to avoid surgery. Took awhile to get back to normal but it was worth it to avoid S.

Good luck.
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LM, sorry to hear that! Perhaps the thought of spending time in my company in a couple of weeks will speed your recovery!
(car rented, so can travel for beer...)
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What a shame!! But I am sure you will heal up ok. Your voice coaching in a pilates class is so good I think your students would come to listen and get your verbal feedback.Take care- Madeleine
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Here's to a quick recovery LM. Take care..

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That's extremely unfortunate. To reloate to Colorado to ski and have the misfortune of a knee injury intervine is a tough thing. The only positive thing I can associate with your injury is that hopefully you can avoid surgery and rehab it in time to be back next fall "good as new".

Curious about the binding not releasing . Was your fall a slow twisting forward fall, or did you fall backwards and have the "phantom foot" situation occur which is very common in ACL injuries. Best of luck to you in a speedy and complete recovery.
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That's terrible. Why is it always that last run?

I hope your knee heals quickly and without surgery.
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(Although I don't mean to make light of this -- I've had one of those last, onboard-sled runs!), it's always that last run for the same reason that the place that you find something is always the last place you look.
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Good luck and a speedy recovery LM!
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Sorry to hear about your injury. Now you can feel like a lot of the rest of us skiing after injury.

Good luck to a speedy recovery.

You'll come back strong.
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Lisa hopefully you haven't done as much damage as they think.
Last July I tore my ACL (binding didn't release). I exercised, and even skied in Europe at Christmas, - but it was more like 'touring' than 'skiing'.
Four weeks ago I had an ACL reconstruction (hamstring), I see the surgeon for a check-up in a couple of days.
Crutches for 10 days, no brace (to my surprise), and physiotherapy.
Things are going really well, and I'm confident that I'll be skiing again July-August this year.
The delay in surgery allowed my knee to reduce swelling and me to work out my options.
I'm glad that I had the reconstruction - both physically and psychologically, and I'm sure that given your background in fitness, that you'll bounce back even faster.

All the best!
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OH BUMMER LM---I was looking forward to skiing with you when I got there this spring.

I had ACL reconstruction years ago....mine was WAY gone. Surgery was the end of June (I was 42 then) and I was skiing at Christmas, and skied that year with a brace (most times). Discontinued use of the brace the following year and now that leg is more reliable than the other. I wouldn't sweat surgery, if you need it, especially given what you do for a living. It they tell you it may be questionable----FIX IT !

As you know some of the best anywhere are 20 minutes away on I-70, and I hope you are being seen there.

My hope is you have a speedy recovery.
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So sorry LM. Hope you are back on your boards for a great season next year.
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OH Lisa, I'm sorry.

That combo of ACL, MCL and meniscus is so classic, that they teach it as the "Unhappy Triad". If the MCL goes, the meniscus often goes with it, because they are attached.

If you HAVE to look at it positively, think that it was nearly the end of the season anyway, and you'll have the whole spring, summer and fall to rehab and be ready for next year!

Maybe you can teach "chair aerobics" for awhile!:

Good luck and keep us posted.
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Sad way to end your season LM. Hope you heal fast. You'll come back strong for next season.

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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat
LM, sorry to hear that! Perhaps the thought of spending time in my company in a couple of weeks will speed your recovery!
(car rented, so can travel for beer...)
Seriously, Fox, and everyone else, what i do need now is company! You never realize how social you are until you realize how much time you're going to spending by yourself. My greyhound and two cats have been good company, but now that Bonni and SkierJ are leaving I can use the conversation. If anyone is coming to Summit County, drop me a PM.

RoundTurns, I was using my Volants instead of my Dynastars, since the conditions were a bit icy. However, I had not had the bindings check in awhile. DUH! The fall was a twisting type of fall.:

Uncle Louie, the only positive thing I heard was that this is one of the best places in the country to treat a knee injury. Now I can finally really understand first hand the injuries I do post rehab programs for.

Thanks for the well wishes, everyone.
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Glad you could find some fun in the sled ride, LM. Really sorry to hear about its need. I never enjoyed any of my three sled rides, except maybe the one at Snowbird where a handsome patrolleress helped me sit up in the sled because my dislocated shoulder was too painful to lie down. The guy who zoomed us down to the patrol bus was one whiz of a skier.

Hopefully the further investigation will yield a diagnosis that you can rehab without going under the knife.
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So sorry!

Oh, LM, I am so very sorry to hear about this! You have my prayers and very best wishes for recovery, ideally without surgery.

Does this mean you want people to just drop in?
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Gee, LM, it was all Mike's fault!
I mean, it was all the skis fault!
I really meant to say, it was all the snow's fault.
Seriously, it was all BUSH'S fault!

Heal quickly, give em hell.........and let that cool dog take care of you.....I'll miss her. (Yes, I'm a convert to liking SOME dogs.)

Thanks for everything....Ski you later (that's a promise.......only the good die young.....you'll live forever!)
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Hang in there please. You're too good a person to be down & out.
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Nah, it's just the dumbass skier's fault!
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Lisa, what run were you doing again? I know you skied Hallelujah, which I guess took you down into Enchanted Forest. What bump run did you do from there?
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Upper Main Vein. What a gaper, eh? :
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Lisa -- this whole move to Colorado hasn't been very kind to your knees for the first year. I hope you heal quickly, but I know you will.

And if you ever get down, just look up!
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