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Any opinions on Cloudveil Soft Shell gear?

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I was wondering if anyone out there has any experience with any of the Cloudveil Soft Shell product line (Serendipity, Symmetry, IceFloe etc...)?

How waterproof are these things when the humidity and the perspiration level is high? How would they be for Pacific NorthWest drizzle? How are they when standing around in the rain? How do they compare to traditional 3-layer GoreTex jackets? How is the fit/sizing?

Any info would be greatly appreciated?

Thank you.
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Cloudveil is a small company producing excellent quality and function in garments with all of the leading edge fabrics from Schoeller and the like. Much of their line-up uses stretchable breathable fabrics that are tailored to conditions/situations of the activity intended. The Serendipity is a soft shell using a woven schoeller stretch material that is very breathable but not that waterproof, if it's raining you'll get wet. If it's only spitting or actually misty you should be fine. If you sweat alot during skiing you'll really appreciate the breathability and comfortable ease of motion in the fabric. The Koven hardshell and pants are really nice too, very body functional and great ease of movement while providing the waterproofness that some days might require.

I saw the whole line last year as my housemate was a sales rep. for a retailer that carried the line. Two of my housemates geared themselves in Cloudveil and have nothing but good to say about the products. Bottom line, if waterproofness is your priority, the serendipity isn't meant to shed rain like gortex, and won't, it will allow you to get rid of sweat better and except for genuinely WET conditions provide a more multi-purpose, comfortable garment in my opinion, than other waterproof hardshell options. All are quite versatile and very well designed. Gloves were incredibly comfortable too. Good stuff, and I have heard from many others that the quality is on par with Marmot and other top lines, better actually than many of them.
Hope this helps. I'm not involved with them at all, just impressed with their products.


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I have both the Serendipity and the Shadow Peak jackets and love both. The Serendipity is neither very water nor wind resistant. Where it excels is in high activity endeavors, like climbing and x-country skiing where it allows passage to body heat/moisture.

The Shadow Peak is, essentially, a windstopper fleece clone (here Malden Mills Windbloc), but it uses high tech fabrics (e.g., a Scholler dry-skin back) for enhanced breathability. If conditions got real nasty, I'd rather be caught in my Shadow Peak jacket due to it's better resistance to wind and wet, but the Serendipity is great for other occasions. If it's really dumping rain, you're better off in Gortex or a rubber suit (or the CloudVeil Drizzle jacket).

There is a picture of me, with a couple of gapers, posted elsewhere in Epic. In it, I'm wearing my Serendipity jacket. It's great for spring alpine skiing.

Okay, I found it. It appears below. I'm on the left.

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It is nice stuff, but the softshell is not for steady rain. There are a couple of companies that have combined soft/hardshell (Arc'teryx and (maybe)Mammut). I have a Cascade jacket. One also loses the total windproof capability of Gore-tex. But good stuff if you keep moving or in most mountain weather outside of steady rain, heavy snow and high winds.
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