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Strapless Heart Rate Monitors

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Hey guys,
I'm looking to buy a new heart rate monitor for running this spring. I've had a Nike Triax monitor for a little while and I cant get used to the chest strap. Does anyone have experience w/ strapless monitors?

Accurate? I can deal with a little inaccuracy to trade off for comfort.
I dont want to spend an arm and a leg, and it looks like Reebok makes a pretty average priced one.
Any experience/suggestions w/ strapless?
Thanks fellas
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I had the one sold by REI that looks like a wristwatch with two buttons you push to get a readout. I found it useless. You had to hold both buttons firmly for five seconds or so to get a reading, so it wouldn't work for cycling, and was difficult even in a spinning class. I returned it.
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Repost this over at cyclingforums.com. Somebody over there will have the answer....
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A friend of mine who's a triathelete calls the Polar heart rate monitors top of the line products.


However I'm not aware of any heart rate monitor watches that don't use a chest strap, if that's what you're looking for. My friend wasn't aware of any. You may want to email Polar and ask them if they have a model without a chest strap.
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