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Nordica Beast vs Atomic Sugar Daddy

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Anyone skied the Nordica Beast? How does it compare to the Atomic Sugar Daddy?
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Anyone have comments on the Nordica Beast? Looking for a big mountain powder ski. How does it compare to the Elan M777, 2005 Scratch BC, Pocket Rocket, Karma, Seth Pistol etc.

There are some very good deals on the beast, so I may try it out. I'm 5'11" 160lbs. Looking for a ski for steep powder, glades, etc. I like to make short turns. Don't do alot of real high speed stuff. I skied the PR last year and liked its performance in deep powder but want something that will be a little more versatile.
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Funny that this thread was started, I was wondering the same thing. Some pretty good deals on these skis out there.
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I have a pair of 177cm Beasts. I'm 5' 11", 180#. They are slightly stiffer than the PRs, but not significantly stiffer. The flex of the ski is fairly even through out the ski, unlike the PRs that have a tip that's softer than the rest of the ski. The net result is a ski that is better in heavier snow than the PR but not as nimble in deep light stuff. They aren't burly enough for doing mach speeds through heavy Sierra powder but they will suffice for the speeds most people ski. They're a ski that always got high marks in the reviews but never a top ski in their category award & I pretty much concur. If you're looking for a cheap fat ski for powder days and playing with they are definitely worth it.
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I have skied the Sugar and liked them, the Beast's not so much,
In the end I ended up with the "Big Daddy" instead, but at 193cm small people ned not apply.
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The Beast

I just bought a pair of beasts in a 177, they were the limited edition. I am an intermediate skier 185 lbs and 5' 10". I like speed and tend to ski aggressively for a few runs a day, the rest of the time I am cruising and resting my legs... . I just skied this ski today in a variety of snow conditions. I loved it. It was way more forgiving in the powder (I only skied it in boot deep powder, about 150 yds worth.) than on hardpack. In powder you could pressure your heels and it wouldn't complain at all. On hardpack it demanded good balance and would let me know immediately if was getting lazy. When I took it down a green and tried to do some quick turns it growled loudly, it doesn't like to be on edge at slow speeds. When I put speed on it it purred like a kitten. I thought it was a very stable ride, as long as its on edge. It is a very demanding ski but will reward good mechanics. I may use it as my everyday ski because it skis so honest. It lets you know immediately when you are off.
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