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Need a low volume, low instep, narrow boot suggestions?

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Anybody have ideas for a practically A width low volume boot? Race boots too stiff for ankle flex that I want. Currently skiing an icon too small and blown ot in the toe but it's getting too roomy as it packs out.
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Dalbello Krypton. A low(er) volume boot based off of the venerable Raichle Flexon.
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Salomon Pro Model based on the race models and is low volume race fit but has softer flex, perfect for freeride skiing.
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Atomic Racetech CS or Ti. Both of these boots are retail versions of the Atomic Racetech WC. The Ti has the same last as the WC, but with a much more forgiving flex (equal to a XSoft). The CS has a roomier toebox than the Ti/WC, but still maintains a low volume typical of 'plug' boots, and is softer than the Ti . The CS and Ti should be available soon, but should be readily available next season for certain.
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I think you should go with a plug. Nordica Dobermann WC and tecnica icon race xt (if you can find it). Other option is Nordica Pro 110 although i don't think it is snug enough for you. I also have the Icon ALu Comp and use it as my free skiing boot but this is going to be my last full season in them. If you really want a soft boot then look at the Dobermann WC XSoft (100 flex) and Tecnica Icon Race XT 17. This is as specific as i can get without any info on your weight and height.
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I should have given more info-here it is

Sorry, I was in a hurry as usual. I'm 5'10" and weigh 195 pounds. Hard to believe such a small lower leg/ankle/low volume foot combo is holding up that much weight eh? I tried the Technica race and hated the way it skiied. Could not get the flex I needed.I ski with a very flexed ankle and lower than average Femur.
I'm an Alpine level 1 1/2,(made it through the skiing part solidly) taking the teaching in 3 weeks. I ski on this years 5 star - 161. I ike to ski everything but am most at home laying them over in a big GS turn just railin' em. Slowly mastering the bumps. Powder is a rarity in these parts but "perma-grin" is the best I can describe the feeling when I can ski in it. Oh, I'm not over weght if you may be thinking that. I have a 33 waist. I don't play a heck of alot of sports but have been described as athletic. Too much info now eh?
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Sign n ski: I suggest the Lange 100's, or 120 comps (possibly in the Freeride version - a bit softer).

Both the 100's and 120 comps are low-volume boots, with tight ankle support. Although the 120 is called the "comp", it's suprisingly easy to flex. It also comes in both a MF (medium fit - still snug), and a LF (freekishly tight) fit. The "Freeride" version is a bit softer still, and only comes in the MF fit - still plenty tight.

Apart from fit considerations, these boots offer ultra-high performance with an easy flex. They're super responsive with a great anatomical shell. The stiffer 130 or plug "race" version are used by more racers than any other boot.
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I am surprised that you didn't like the XT (i suppose this is the boot you're talking about). This boot has a lot of forward lean. So it should suit your skiing style. I can't comment about the XT24 as i haven't tried it on but. from what i know, it is preety soft compared to other plug boots. So the flex shouldn't have been a problem...
Because of your skiing style (with your ankles very flexed) i have to say that the Atomic Race Tech WC Soft or the boots Betaracer recommended are a strong option. Why? First because this boot skis very well and second because it has a lot of forward lean.
I wanted to say that you should also consider the Dobermann WC 150 but you must know that it puts you in a more upright stance than the XT and the Race Tech.
I am also looking for a plug and on my list so far are the Rossi plug and the Dobermann WC 150 and Pro 130.

And i still think that you should go with a plug.
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Another recommendation for trying on the Salomon Pro Model.
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Salomon, Rossignol, Dolomite.
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Lange 120, LF

I'm 6'1", 170 & have last year's 120FR in the LF. I probably wouldn't go for the 100s if I were you because they'll be too soft for your 195#s. On warm days, the 120FRs soften up a lot. Try the 120LF & punch out if necessary.
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Too soft? I ski the comp 100 with both bolts out of spine of the cuff. I'm 6'3" 250 lbs.
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Just picked up a Solomon plug boot. Not stiff, lots of room for grinding. I too have a low instep and even a low forefoot. The fitter raised the front section of the boot under the foot bed. I'm snug to the top of the inside of the boot. Flexibility is an issue in doing this.

Came off of the Icon Hot form. There is no comparison.
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BigE, maybe you need to work on building up your boot flexing muscles there

I'm 5'9 and 150, and I find my Comp 100 (with bolts in) too soft if anything. If it weren't fit so perfectly, I'd probably switch up to the 120.
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Maybe one difference is temps

I've been skiing lately in warm temps, i.e. above 35f, but if I weighed over 200#s with the same leg angles I put on the 120s, they'd be too soft.

Oh, and I'm coming from 5 y/o Lange AC9s, which are stiffer than the 120FRs. Again, just my $.02.
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