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another what skis to get my kid

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my kid is 18 but is little (about 5-4 130) he is also somewhat limited due to heart condition, he is not strong....that said he has achieved approx lvl 5/6 and is looking to improve, very enthusiastic about the only sport he has been able to do and I want to do everything I can for him to keep him moving forward - all the members of my family are strong skiers and he keeps up nicely now - and is very proud that he can....my thoughts were Volkl 4 star in a 154 or 149(big $$ unfortunately)....he is currently on a Fisher revolution jr parabolic ski 150 and is washing out the tails in a parallel turn.

....any suggestions appreciated....I just bought him new boots cheap at SA (sole size 317)in Warwick RI....but there wasn't anything left for him there, all either advanced adult skis or women specific stuff....and I want to support the local ski shop regarding skis unless I can score what he needs on ebay....it is tax season after all and we are short on cash(who isn't)
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I haven't skied them, but I think a Fischer RX6 would be along the same lines as the Volkl.

It might be a demo (which can be sketchy) but its pretty inexpensive even just for the end of the year til prices come down on other things.
Fischer RX6 on Ebay
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Thanks - I heard those are pretty good/ don't know much about Fischers...they are pretty scarce around here.....
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The RX6 is certainly a very nice ski (and one that I thought about immediately, too). It is more like a 5* than a 4*, I would say. I have also heard great things about the Elan S8, but have not skied it.
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thanks Steve, you posts are always thoughtful and enlightening, I enjoy reading them and value your opinion, one of the folks I hoped would jump on actually....nice to have you chime in...I doubt this guy could handle the 5 star in any length, no way he could flex em and as a level 5 he hasn't got enuff "touch " yet to finess them....was I maybe on target with the Volkl 4 star..?? 149 or 154? any less pricey options....??? Maybe an older model Volkl....Vertigo G1 maybe....? (you probably figured out I am a bit biased towards Volkl) He is not strong, but he is obviously overpowering the current skis (fischer revolution pursuits 150cm)and has reached the peak of the learning curve on that ski...
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That was kind of you! Thanks!

I'm thinking a Jr. ski might be better. The Volkl Supersport Jr. may be a good choice in the 150. Their web site says that the 4* only goes down to 154, and I'd be concerned that it might be too long...

BTW, you know that the washing out is probably because he's using upper body rotation to power the turn instead of leg rotary? Regardless of ski, that may persist until he begins to actually use his legs independently from his upper body to direct the skis (and/or begins to use the sidecut to shape a turn).

It depends on how strong he is. At 130, I'm concerned about most adult skis (even those designed for women) for that reason. If he doesn't have the strength to decamber them, they will undoubtedly frustrate him. Thoughts about these thoughts?
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I've thought about staying with jr skiis, just gotta make sure the jr isn't too obvious(you know how 18 yr olds think) and staying jr sure keeps the price down......I thought too about Volkl Gamma series but put an 18 yr old guy on "chick sticks" and he finds out, well we wouldn't want that would we?

I'm actually former PSIA - when I was teaching I had the eqpt part of the biz nailed from suggesting eqpt to folks so much, but I am out of the loop now especially with what to go for gear wise in a lighter, weaker skier. Regarding technique what you describe ssh is clear....he's got pretty good separation now...but being an athlete is not in his makeup....so keeping shoulders square to the hill has been a problem before - he is skiing with more anticipation now and is timing pole plants nicely and turning around em, when he is not tired he approaches level 6, but again is not physically strong. He actually has sat down and watched Lito's breakthrough on skis video a few times and gets the visual of it now. Practices one footed on flats even and feels the need to press forward and not sit back ....so a bit motivated to get better for sure.....and can now recognize good technique and even comprehends some of my esoteric instruction....tho when you teach your own kid it's a fine line...my other older one and my youngest (daughter) can't get enuff of my lingo, this guy is different...he got motivated again tho when his 11 yr old sister started blasting past him.....

...I had thought of just putting adult bindings on the skis...as a level 5 should I let him work this ski a little more? It is a 150 fischer revolution pursuit jr...He really wants something new...but your point ssh is valid, he needs more miles too and the ski is capable of dynamic turns I am sure....I just got him new boots and a remount at least for a while is a possibility, I have plenty of indemnified mid range adult bindings around....
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