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Rossi Scratch

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Can anyone give me a review of the scratch? I am looking for an all mountain/freestyle (more all mountain). 165 lbs, 6 feet 19 years old. Hard on skis. Its between these or the dynastar belangers, help a guy out. Thanks
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Hey Orange...IMO those Rossis are probably not enough ski for the all-mtn performance you want (but you can find 'em real cheap - ebay might be able to beat backcountry.com prices). Don't know anything about those Phil Belanger skis you were asking about...

It sounds like you really want a good all mountain ski that happens to be twin-tip - I must reiterate those Volants http://www.evogear.com/productdetail.asp?pn=892 should give you what you want for all-mtn performance. I have the Machete Souls which appear to be a similar construction, except mine have a riser plate and an extra 4mm at the tip. The Souls totally rock as an all-mtn ski - very stable and beefy yet quick as hell (aka good in bumps) with great float when needed and they destroy crud. The Machete 69TT would just be a bit lighter without the plate (which you probably want) but will have the stiffness you need to attack the mountain...just my 2cents...
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I have the Rossi's from the link above.. and I personally think they make great all mountain skis. What kind of stuff/terrain do you usually/more often ski in?
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Based on your criteria, not the Dynastar Belanger Pro model. Look elsewhere.
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Unless you are going to spend a fair amount of time in the park jumping, something like a Rossignol B2 will suit you better. It does have a turned up tail which is good enough for landing switch on groomed jumps. True park skis are often not great for all mountain (center mounted, soft flex) so you should make a decision where you ski more, if it's all mountain get a stiffer normally mounted ski. I'm considering buying a dedicated park ski next season (something cheap and used from ebay) for night skiing at the local hill to stay in shape and learn jumping better, this is an option if you have spare cash as used twin tips from a few years ago can be had for $150 with bindings (condition doesn't matter if just jumping/rails).
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