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Snow in LCC?

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When do you think it will start up again?

I've got a trip planned for the 1st week of April. Can't wait to go but it looks like the northeast is forecasted to get the big storms for the next few weeks.

Actually, I must be nuts- spring skiing in Utah or powder at Sugarloaf- it just doesn't matter.
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I think I have said this in this forum before, but I guess it bears repeating. The West at (least the Central Rockies) has been under the same weather pattern since October. Three weeks of storminess followed by three weeks of relative warmth/calm. The main weather driver in the West is the PNA blocking cycle (see http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/product...ex_ensm.shtml). Right now we are in a positive occilation. It is expected to flip negative by around the 10th of March. This usually brings waves of troughs through the region. If I was planning a trip and I wanted fresh snow, then I would plan around these three week occilations.
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Hope you're right Powder man. I will be in PC Mar 18-21. We have a car so if conditions are not good in PC, we will go looking in LCC.
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I was looking at the ten day forcast for all the resorts in Utah from today Mar 6. The forecast states the Cottonwood resorts most days had a much higher high and a higher low (base temps) than PC areas and Snowbasin area with Brian Head with the lowest temps. I assume its because there is a easterly flow pushing warmer valley air up the canyons.
I`m out there next week. Will go with the best conditions and will need to keep an eye on these temps. Can i cash out and head to VT or Jackson Hole...NO. I presume that the resorts with the best grooming in freeze/thaw weather will have the best early morning skiing before things soften up bad middle afternoon. Any advice?
http://www.weather.com/outlook/recre...APlocalinke r
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The snow in LCC is still great. Smooth and chalky. Just find N facing aspects and your fine. Many weather pages link to sandy utah when you seach for LCC. Anyway, the word from the weather forecasters is a big storm cycle starting up around the 13-15th....

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Originally Posted by sic4dog
Hope you're right Powder man. I will be in PC Mar 18-21. We have a car so if conditions are not good in PC, we will go looking in LCC.
Even if the weather does not change (highly unlikely: this is March in Utah we are talkin' about) There is still an amazingly deep snowpack, even at the PC resorts. I did some recon this weekend and the snow above 8000' is still 10' deep. So, worst case would be spring snow, best case would be a return to winter powder. Take your pick, ether is extremely fun.

BTW, I know that most people on this board are the type that live for fresh snow and powder, but I'd say 3/4 of the visitors to these parts actually enjoy the sunny warm weather better. Local non-skiing related businesses actually do better on snow days than sunny days.
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Weather to flip around on March 10th, eh? That would be nice. I'm going to be skiing out there on the 11th, 12th and 13th. Anyone else going to be out there at this time? I've been ditched by a friend of mine and will be rolling solo now.
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Exactly- can't lose. Best case is the worst case, worst case is the best case!
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