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I have the P12 Ti Lifters mounted on my 8000s. Paid $160 for them on ebay and if you are patient and bid well, you should be able to score them for $130-150.

As for this binding/ski combo, I have nothing but good things to say about them. Although, I don't know if I'm one to judge how good they are. Anyways, my DIN is set at 7 (5'9", 190 lbs, type III skier) and I didn't eject once on my trip to Jackson Hole. And the hole time I was skiing very hard, and probably skiing bumps about 70% of the time. I also was in the terrain park for at least 2 hours a day getting decent air, landing fine, and not once did the skis pop off prematurely.
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You might also be able to do what I did with my Look P12 FR wide bindings. I picked up a spare Rossi T-Plate (12mm high with 10mm net lift) and used that with the Look bindings. This gave me a "stock" look, but with more lift than the normal P12 Lifter binding.
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I am actively looking currently for P12-Ti lifters... I am pretty sure I dont need the wide version. You think something like a Rossi T-Plate would be fine?
I know I dont like being lifted too high, but I love the long runs, thats why I was thinking along the lines of the T-plate. What ya think? Also what price range do you think this would run for. Can't find anything on EBay currently. I got 2 new pairs of Dynastar 4800 skis 1 @ 165 1 @ 170. I am 6" 1/2 so I think I am going to put them on the 170's and sell the 165's

1 other binding I almost considered were the: nx11
Was not sure about them b.c. I don't think I would get as much of a lift with them
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I have P12 Ti's on my Line darksides, I got them off ebay for like $160 or so.
They are nice.
The jibs are nice for the park (no lifters)
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