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Head Cyber iC 180 Super Railflex

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These sound like interesting skis from their specs. Does anybody have any experience with them?
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Positive review for iC 180s

I am a coach for Harb Ski Systems and have about 10 skis at home to choose from. One of my favorite all around skis has been the ic 180s. I have sold mine 3 times to clients and replaced them each time.

Within the same years' Head line they are probably the most generally adaptable carving focused all mountain ski. Compared to the ic 200, they have less sidecut, but will carve down a lot more than the 300s. Compared to the 200s they are easier for most people release (especially in the bumps) and are a more all around western ski.

The ic 200s have a metal jacket which makes them stiffer. The 180s have a carbon jacket which makes them a little softer; however, they still have enough heft to makes them skiable in NW shin deep crud. Because of the very wide tip and tail they ski fine in up to knee deep powder.

For many people they are good because they are very good carve focused skis, yet they will handle some rotary input without them immediately cutting loose.

As all head skis, they do best if you put the bindings about 1 cm forward. If you set the bindings at the recommended placement and then just move the center screw to the forward hole position they will carve down as well as the 200s and if you use them in the middle they will cruise or float amazingly well in most soft conditions. I use them in the middle hole, but use the rail to put them forward about 3/4 of a cm.

Two weeks ago I gave a pair of iSL caps to a client for a week of hard snow skiing at Sun Valley. He is a solid intermediate who mostly skis on im 75s. He wanted to have a carving ski. Because he still has some rotary/steering left in his skiing. The wider ski with less sidecut masked the inefficient rotary aspect of his skiing so when he switched to the iSLs (in a 10cm shorter length), he couldn't them to hold as he wanted and he hated the iSLs.

This last week I coached an all mountain camp at Big sky and it was supposed to be mostly hard snow conditions with a hope for a little new snow - mostly bumps. So, I took the ic 180s and expected to ski them. The same client took them for a day and he kept them. I ended up skiing my laminate XRC 1100s. For the week. I'm out another pair of 180s and I'll look for another pair.

I think the ic180s are a very underestimated ski.

One thing to be aware of however, is that they use the older rail system. In my opinion, the older system is better than the new all plastic one, but the main point is the old one is discontinued and the new and old systems are not compatable.

I hope this helps. If you have a good price from someone for the 180s PM me. I'm buying another pair.
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