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Really? What's the story begind that?


Well, before we began producing the Machete line, we did some "research". That included traveling to the X-Games and the US Freeski Open and watching the competition. Most of the breakage we saw was from riders looping out and driving the tails into the snow. This would snap off the composite tail bars that were the standard at the time. As the engineers worked out the shapes and flex patterns for the Machete line, we were putting the stock composite tail bars on the test skis. Shane and the other sponsored riders were beginning to break the tail bars landing funny in the switch position. It was decided that since the Huckster was really the ski that the big mountain riders would be on most of the time and they were landing cliff drops switch, we would go with a less fragile aluminum tail bar and increase the bond characteristics in the tail of the ski to resist delamination. It worked. We had far fewer failures from those big mountain guys looping out. Also if you remember, the technique of the time was to hip check those big drops, but if they got blown into the back seat they would land flat on their back. In both scenarios, breakage went way down on the test skis. So we put it in the line that way.
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So what was the biggest issue with consumer volants? Bending or core rotting?
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Bending and delams. Usually bent tips and delams underfoot.
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So what was the biggest issue with consumer volants? Bending or core rotting?


It tended to be the delam under foot. I did a little time in warranty and the biggest culprit was with the mounts. Shops would use a bit or a screw that was too long. It was important that the screw bottom out in good wood and not touch the bottom steel. If the screw was too long, it would contact the layer of steel we had on top of the base material and start to pry things apart and then it was just a matter of time before it failed. We addressed some of that by putting 2 layers of woven fiberglass in the binding area and sandblasting the under side of the top to increase the bond. The Reps also spent more time on mounts when they would do clinics with the shops. It made a very big difference. I broke a binding 2 seasons ago so I had to take my 2000 Chubbs to Jackson for a trip. 4 days in the backcountry with the old posse, really big speed in the straight lines off Green River, steeps in Granite and even a couple 10-15 foot drops in the shop chutes. No problems.
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