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SX 9 Question

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I am curious about the SX 9 has anyone skied them?
I ski on-piste primarily. How stiff are they, good in bumps?
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Yesterday I demoed a 2004 SX:9 in 170 and an 05 Volkl 5* in 168. I ended up liking the SX:9 more, but I think the 5 stars had a horrible tune. The SX9 had very good edge grip and wanted to make a little bit larger radius turns than the 5*. I'm not sure if they are stiffer than the 5* but they did feel like it, which I think makes them better on hardpack/ice, and probably worse in the bumps although I didnt ski any.
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I skied the SX9 last year in a 180 cm length. I thought the ski was plenty stiff enough and a very good front side carver. Definitely not a noodle.
Not a great bump ski at that length.
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Funny how we say that these new shape skis aren't good in bumps at 180cm.
My old Dynastar Verticals (89') were top of the line mogul skis at 195cm that year. Of course now they are like sking on fence boards.
I skied yesterday on some Head Mad trix (163cm) they were great in the bumps but not so great on the groomed stuff. I guess it is hard to find a good all around ski for bumps, groomed, etc.

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